Friday Afternoon Distractions

Whiling away your last few hours at work? These videos should help make time fly extra fast!

In celebration of their achievements at the Webby Awards, OK Go and the Muppet's Animal have an intense battle of wills to discover who is the most deserving award winner.

Who is ultimately victorious? Don't mess with a Muppet.

With an uber-twist coming up in this weekend's MasterChef, check out the strangest moment in scriptwriting and production from the 2010 series -- when Matt Preston "reacts" in the most bizarre way to a tasty dish.

Whatever the producers were aiming for with this, we don't think it worked.

The seventh season of Entourage hits HBO this Sunday -- above is the trailer. Hopefully it'll keep you going until it finally makes it to Australia on SBS.

With one of the most harrowing finales for quite some time airing this Sunday, have a peek at the Grey's Anatomy cast in happier surroundings in this promo photo shoot for the season 6 run of the show.

Be sure not to miss Grey's Anatomy's two-hour special this weekend.

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