Friday Afternoon Distractions

Whiling away your last few hours at work? These videos should help make time fly extra fast!

Nova FM presenters Merrick Watts, Scott Dooley and Ricki-Lee Coulter were invited onto Mornings with Kerri-Anne to provide a new twist on the infomercial nightmare that plagues daytime televisions. Their faux-happy tones and awful segways into self-promotion sum up the advertorial genre perfectly.

Abbott and Gillard will finally make it to the stage in the first and only debate this Sunday, after rescheduling Election 2010: The Great Debate to avoid going head to head with MasterChef Australia.

If only Gillard could present her case in the above manner, she would be a dead cert for a winner.

Much-loved Ross Noble keeps the rest of the panel entertained with his Star Wars impressions on Spicks & Specks.

The first of a three-part documentary on the set of Bones, with interviews with cast and crew -- and the eternal David Boreanaz playing the fool.

If you're interested -- here's part two and part three of the Bones doco! Enjoy!

Has Eureka passed you by? The show is aired on SyFy and TEN, and is an Area 51-themed show, featuring a bizarre (and often surreal) incident, which the team of scientists on the site must then solve.

Check out the promo above -- it's not as nerdy as our description may sound!

Watch last week's Friday Afternoon Distractions here

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