Friday Afternoon Distractions

Whiling away your last few hours at work? These videos should help make time fly extra fast!

With debates ongoing about when the Star Wars TV series will finally see the light of day, a dancing Stormtrooper is the only logical manner in which we can pass the time.

Persevere with the first minute, as it gets awesome around the 50-second mark.

The presenters over at BBC News 24 know how to keep themselves entertained as the days and hours drag into each other -- with a bit of casual abuse. Obviously, the hope is that it never makes it to air.

Unfortunately, BBC Weather's Tomasz Schafernaker was not so lucky

Here's hoping it's just a matter of time before ABC 24 keeps us similarly entertained.

CSI, NCIS, Cops: L.A.C, The Bill eat your heart out. Imagine the calibre of crime fighters that could be sourced if Will Ferrell was put to work in the public sphere.

More Simpsons. Nuff said.

It seems "The Internet" wasn't providing us with the normal calibre of videos we have come to expect. If there are any recommendations, post in the comments below!

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Star Wars Vid was great, Weatherman Vid was funny, the rest were meh..
Trust me -- awesome.

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