Friday Afternoon Distractions

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Whiling away your last few hours at work? These videos should help make time fly extra fast!

After a shaky first week in the ratings, The X Factor's viewing figures now seem to be heading in the right direction.

Some top-notch Australian talent has certainly been on show, with numerous contestant clips receiving a lot of coverage on social networks. Among these was Rodrigo Alvarado, who channelled the spirit of the late Freddie Mercury in his rendition of Somebody to Love -- a Queen song that has been back in the mainstream consciousness recently following a Glee cover.

Rodrigo's performance is summed up by Natalie Imbruglia's facial expressions, who can barely contain her delight!

Justice Crew, the winners of Australia's Got Talent, the last big talent show that hit the airwaves, performed in a mini flash mob in Sydney's Martin Place to promote their new single "And Then We Dance".

While the song leaves a lot to be desired, the boys put in a good performance in the middle of Sydney's CBD!

Spring has arrived!

What better way to celebrate the "glorious" weather than popping on your glad rags and bow ties and heading to ... the beach?

This week, Jimmy Fallon took the helm of one of the most memorably hilarious Emmy Awards in Los Angeles this week.

The Emmys wasn't the first time Fallon has lead the way in a successful awards show -- see above for his brilliant opening montage for the MTV Video Music Awards 2008.

Brazilian television has had a bonanza of a week, sending up Justin Bieber in a "interviewer can't speak English -- hilarity ensues" scenario.

Oh, it never gets old.

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