Friday Afternoon Distractions

Whiling away your last few hours at work? These videos should help make time fly extra fast!

This seems like an appropriate place to start this week. Following Oprah Winfrey's announcement of her Australia "tour", here's the moment when she announced it to her rather hysterical audience.

The screams. The horror, the horror.

On a lighter note, however, we were inspired to visit one of our favourite Oprah Winfrey Show moments (well, it was only between this and Tom Cruise's couch jumping moment).

Everyone loves a good flashmob. And this is a good flashmob.

Fans of the game-show QI, Stephen Fry et al, will know that their highbrow humour often involves a hefty dose of poking fun at simpletons (see: Alan Davies).

Stephen Fry has taken great glee in the above clip, in which a Norwegian crop circle fanatic is visibly moved by a wondrous creation in a lush English field.

Little did she know that it was just a promotional logo, etched in the fields by the BBC publicity team. So, no, not proof of extraterrestrial life then. Pity.

This dog looks a little like Gordon Ramsay, but with better table manners.

Betty White is everywhere these days, and is often proclaimed as "America's Grandma". And quite rightly too -- her comedy genius has remained top notch, as these Emmy-related videos show.

Not everyone agrees that her blanket coverage is fair, which has prompted moves for an uprising against the unfair use of the legendary comedienne.

It's a little tongue in cheek -- we are sure Betty loved it.

While Will Ferrell is visiting London this week to promote his new movie, The Other Guys, with Mark Wahlberg, he appeared on The Chris Moyles radio show. During the show the funnyman was convinced to revisit his Ron Burgundy days from Anchorman, and help out presenting the news bulletin. Brilliant.

Lastly, here's a wonderful example of Japanese precision. Have a good weekend!

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