Friday Afternoon Distractions

Whiling away your last few hours at work? These videos should help make time fly extra fast!

Last week, Katy Perry was given the boot from her Sesame Street appearance, where she skipped through a cartoon world with Elmo in a rather low-cut top, which parents deemed to be too risque.

Clearly Katy wasn't too devastated. She made a bee-line for Saturday Night Live and had some fun about the whole debacle with hosts Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph.

The most talked about television event this week (apart from The Event, of course) was Britney Spears' appearance in Glee.

Unfortunately, the episode once again comprised of negligible storylines and numerous autotune remakes of the pop singer's original songs.

However, the sexed-up version (is it possible to be more sexed up than Britters?!) of her 2004 single "Toxic" was a definite highlight. Click quick before Fox takes it away!

Britney's performance on the show was spot on, however; she is really proving herself to be a very adept comic actress.

She received rave reviews for her first high-profile television guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother, in which she flirted with Neil Patrick Harris.

Another Glee guest star staple, Kristin Chenoweth had a lot of fun last weekend, when she had the fortune of hosting Ellen DeGeneres on a one-night-only guest spot on Chenowith's Broadway musical, Promises Promises.

Also sharing the stage with the two comedy geniuses was Will and Grace's Sean Hayes, who struggled to maintain his composure in the face of Ellen's improvising.

The obligatory animal clip of the week shows that the Flippers of the world aren't as coordinated and graceful as we'd like to believe.

Either that, or they're just really vindictive. Check out the smackdown at 0:12.

And what better way to finish off than with an autotune oddity?

The team that brought us the seminal classics such as Bed Intruder, which debated social injustice in working class America, the quandary of caffeine addiction in Backin' Up and the horrors of mother nature in lyrical form in Tornado Song, have released a new single.

The perils of alcoholism have never been so delicately and poignantly put to song, as in Sunny D and Rum. Johnny Cash, eat your heart out.

Have a brilliant weekend!

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