Friday Afternoon Distractions

Whiling away your last few hours at work? These videos should help make time fly extra fast!

We're pretty sure that we've put an "All I Want For Christmas Is You" video in every Friday Afternoon Distractions for the last three weeks, but this one is delightful! Featuring a shipload of servicepeople aboard the HMS Ocean who are making it home for Christmas after being away for 225 days, this video clip is a sweet twist on the Christmas classic. Different Christmas carols next week, we promise! And we'll refrain from posting the Glee cast's version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

Jimmy Kimmel asks the parents of America to give their children a terrible Christmas present.

The best Aussie/NZ newsreader bloopers of the year. Don't watch at work unless you want everyone to hear you snort.

Have you been watching Survivor: South Pacific? This cute and hilarious cartoon parodies the interactions of Coach, Ozzy, Edna, Brandon, Sophie, Albert, Rick, Cochran, Whitney, Dawn, Keith and Mikayla.

The official Men in Black 3 trailer!

Flash mob Christmas carols in Perth! They need more dancing. And more people. But it's still pretty cool!

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