Friday Afternoon Distractions

Need a way to make the last few hours at work go fast? We've got you covered with these videos!

Tom Hanks and his daughter Sophie spoof the ridiculous show Toddlers and Tiaras.

Are you a fan of Survivor? One former contestant is holding a Miss Survivor pageant (the motto: "outwalk, outwave, outfits"), and has interviewed the five finalists. Here we have three-time Survivor contestant (and former winner) Parvati Shallow's interview! Vote here for who you think should win the comp.

Before voting, check out the interviews of Amanda Kimmel, Jenna Morasca, Andrea Boehlke and Courtney Yates.

We bring you: things that Harry Potter fans would never say! It's a little hard to understand at first, but when you realise what they're saying you'll fall over laughing.*

*Falling over laughing not guaranteed.

A bear cub and a wolf cub play together. Aww! So Disney.

Why is this so funny?! We don't know!

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