Friday Night Lights going for two-season conversion

Most bubble shows would be lucky enough to even get consideration for one season, but NBC's Friday Night Lights is reportedly going for two. The critically acclaimed show was awarded second and third season by the skin of its teeth, narrowly dodging permanent benching last year by striking a cost-sharing deal with DirecTV.

We've seen sophomores become seniors through the show's three seasons, so it stands to reason that now would be a good time to lay Friday Night Lights to rest, but producers have other things in mind. According to, NBC and DirecTV are in talks to keep the show around for two more years--surprising considering the show was almost killed after season one.

Should the type of cost-sharing deal (DirecTV agreed to split the show's budget in exchange for first-run rights to the series) made for Friday Night Lights actually make business sense and DirecTV OK the deal for two more seasons, it would only mean good things for quality television shows on the brink of cancellation. Imagine if Pushing Daisies were saved from pushing daisies--and it could happen in the future if the industry sees this as a viable alternative to canceling shows before their time. Share the wealth, people!

In other Friday Night Lights news, Minka Kelly (who plays semi-chaste cheerleader Lyla Garrity) has signed on to play the lead in the CW's Body Politic, says The Hollywood Reporter. The drama takes a look at the fat cats in Washington, D.C. from the point-of-view of eager young political aids. Kelly will play Hope (editor's note--ugh), a young woman who lands a job as a staffer to a senator.

This likely means that FNL's Lyla will get a nice little sendoff arc--maybe to a nunnery or a church camp--in the event of a fourth season pickup, much like how characters Smash Williams and Jason Street departed this season.

We'll keep our fingers crossed for more Friday Night Lights, but we have to ask this question: exactly what year are Tim Riggins and Tyra Collette? No way were they the same year as Matt Saracen! And who will keep this show going if the show continues? J.D. McCoy doesn't strike me as a leading man. Speaking of leads, can Minka Kelly really carry a show on her own?

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