Friday Night Lights Won't Go For it on Fifth Down

Friday Night Lights is coming to an end, and the timing is almost perfect. Producers have opted to end the show after its fifth season, says, even though most people haven't even seen its fourth season yet.

And though I'm a huge booster of Friday Night Lights and will be sad to see it go, it's a good time to end the show's run. The multi-generational drama has one glaring problem: It focuses on a high-school football team. There are only so many old students for producers to graduate and only so many new players they can bring on before the revolving-door process gets too tired.

Because do we really want to see Dillon High School without Matt Saracen? Do we really want writers to keep Tim Riggins around as a cafeteria worker or something? No, we do not. We care about these characters and want to see them progress in their fake realities rather than stick around their old algebra classrooms for the sake of our viewing pleasure.

Plus, the planned demise of the critically acclaimed show means its excellent cast—led by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton—can move on to other things. Maybe Chandler and Britton will finally win the Emmy they deserve?

Season 4 is currently airing on DirecTV (no spoilers, please!) and will begin its run on NBC in late April. Season 5 is currently in production and will likely stick to the same schedule as Season 4—that is, airing on DirecTV in the fall and on NBC in spring 2011.

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