Fringe Has a New Mouth to Feed

We've all been waiting for Fauxlivia's pregnancy to make waves in the alternate universe, and apparently we weren't alone. Olivia's duplicate was kidnapped and given enough drugs to make half of Hollywood jealous while mysterious doctors poked around her baby maker. But why?

To unleash the messiah! The scary doctors used some sort of Miracle-Gro to accelerate Fauxlivia's pregnancy, making Peter's kid pop out so fast that Fauxlivia didn't even have time to pick a paint color for the nursery, let alone name the bastard.

So now Fringe has its baby Aaron, even though we don't yet know why this kid is so important. Obviously the number-one theory has to be that, because of his dad, the kid has the genes, the wit, the forehead, or the whatever else it takes to get the motor running on Walternate's Doomsday device. And with his own ignition key to get the machine going, Walternate wouldn't need Peter in order to blow up our universe. It's a bit frightening.

Could this all be a set-up for a Wild West-style showdown between the two universes and their two doomsday devices? Will Walter and Walternate meeting at high noon to find out who will draw first? Or is the kid being used as leverage in hopes of luring Peter back to the other side?

After several weeks of making us sympathize with the other universe's Secretary of Defense and leading us to believe that he might not be such a horrible person after all, in "Bloodline," Fringe amped up the evil musical cues when he was around. There's little to excuse when a man sets up one of his own—one he swore to protect—to be kidnapped and squeezed like a ripe avocado until the pit (his grandchild) pops out. At this point, I'm certainly back on the "Walternate is bad.. mmmkay?" bandwagon.

But not everyone in the other universe's Fringe Division is on board with kidnapping, subversion, and murdering their own ranks. Agents Lincoln Lee and Charlie Francis are discovering that there are top-secret things afoot within their top-secret organization, and we've starting to get the hint that they're ready to splinter off. They've realized that Alt-Broyles didn't simply disappear, and that Walternate might be involved. Things are going to be very interesting at the next company picnic.

"Bloodline" isn't exactly the most re-watchable episode of Fringe; once the dust settled, the only thing that'd really happened was that Fauxlivia had given birth. But we'll look back on "Bloodline" as an integral part of the alternate universe storyline and the moment when things—very important things—were set in motion.

Notes from the other side:

... I'm not going to lie to you. The Observers still confuse me. But they've taken a serious interest in this kid, and we're not sure yet whether they're trying to prevent something or to ensure something doesn't stray off course. Hopefully they'll play a significant part in the remaining episodes of Season 3.

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