Fringe: The Good, The Bad, and The Awesome

Thursday's episode of Fringe, "White Tulip," was yet another big one for Walter Bishop (John Noble). He struggled to write a tell-all letter to his son, Peter (Joshua Jackson); he faced off against a fellow genius; he revealed his religious "beliefs" to that genius; and, as usual, he stole the show. In fact, only one thing prevented this episode from earning a perfect 10. Here's what we thought was good, bad, and awesome about "White Tulip":

Good: The episode's continuity
We saw the killer within the first five minutes! We saw a bunch of scenes at least twice! Yes, it was confusing as hell, but time travel can be a bitch, and Fringe handled the high concept gracefully and matter-of-factly. No super-tacky, futuristic time machines here.

Good: Guest star Peter Weller
With the help of some very cool CGI effects, the former RoboCop became Alistair Peck, and not just another one of Fringe's many one-off villains. Peck was a mad scientist, a brilliant professor, a creepy time-traveler, and a gross-looking bionic man all in one crazy character. Wait, doesn't Fringe already have a guy like that?

Bad: The "White Tulip" symbolism
I'm all for MacGuffins and Christ figures and hidden secrets, but this one was a bit obscure. What exactly were Walter and Alistair talking about? Why did Alistair send Walter that drawing? Anyone got a clue?

Awesome: John Noble's acting
Seriously, when is Noble going to win an Emmy? Walter Bishop has evolved into an insanely complex character this season, yet Noble plays him so consistently each week. "White Tulip" showed us two of Walter's deepest, darkest sides: The authoritative one that lectures his intellectual peers on the dangers of playing God, and the troubled one that can choose to ignore his own advice. I never thought Walter was a religious man—and, as it turns out, I was kind of right.

What did you think of the episode? And what do you think will happen in the season finale?

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