Fringe: Why I Hate Faux-Livia

Last week, Tim posed a big question—Which universe do you prefer?—and I finally decided on my answer after watching last night’s episode, “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?” I am on Team Blue Universe for one simple reason: Faux-livia (Anna Torv) is a jerk.

She has her reasons, of course. I’d probably be a jerk too if I were stuck in an alternate universe with such a complicated mission weighing on my psyche. But my main problem with Faux-livia is that she’s consciously taking advantage of the Blue Fringe Division. Our Olivia is not completely responsible for infiltrating the Red Fringe Division because she’s not fully aware of what she’s doing (care of Walternate, (John Noble) who's experimented on her and thus gained partial control of her actions).

To be fair, the Red Universe has a lot going for it; I’d love to live in a world filled with mega-advanced technology, Agent Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo), Colonel Broyles (Lance Reddick) in tight shirts, and The West Wing. But this is also the world from which Faux-livia and Walternate originated, and I just can’t get behind a team with such destructive intentions.

Last night, we saw Faux-livia get into some real trouble, which was actually really comforting because it means that the fake blonde is not going to be in our world forever. Sure, she may have seduced Peter (Joshua Jackson) and strengthened their emotional bond, but Peter isn’t stupid, either. He was honest with Faux-livia about how different she’s seemed since “returning” from the Red Universe, and his curiosity isn’t going to cease just because they did the nasty.

Plus, Shapeshifter Overlord Thomas Newton (Gordon Ramsay Sebastian Roche) is out of the picture now, so her already-tenuous grasp on the Blue Universe just got a little weaker. It’s only a matter of time before her cover is blown!

I’ll leave you to ponder these questions for the next three weeks; new episodes of Fringe return on November 4, which is fine by me because the Giants are in the playoffs! Go orange!

1. What did you think of “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Elextric Sheep?”

2. How far will Walternate get with his experiments on Olivia?

3. Will Peter be able to solve the puzzle of the Doomsday Box?

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