Fringe's Bosses Discuss the Two-Part Finale and Season 5

Fringe creators Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman set aside some time to talk to our universe today in a conference call with reporters that was both informative and absurdly gracious. Naturally, they talked about the oh-so-exciting renewal for a final 13-episode season and gave us details about the upcoming two-part finale, which begins this Friday. Let's hit the bullet points!

– There were rumors of two different endings to Season 4, shot in case Fringe wasn't renewed for Season 5. Well, that was apparently completely bogus. They thought about shooting alternate endings, but they didn't film anything other than the ending we'll see.

– Will we see the Red Universe again? THEY CAN'T SAY YET! They're very protective of their story. The bridge can open again, or it couldn't. We'll have to wait and see. But if you ask me, if you think it won't ever be seen again, you're bonkers!

– What about the future scenario of 2036, as seen in "Letters of Transit," will we see that again? "Yes I think it's safe to say we will," said Wyman. And that totally blew my mind, because I thought it was just a "What if?" scenario. They did not specify whether we would see the future in the finale or in Season 5, but my guess is Season 5. Either way, understanding the events that led to what we saw in 2036 will be instrumental to understanding the series.

– In "Letters of Transit" (S04E19), we saw William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) stuck in amber. We've also heard Walter exclaim, "He's alive!" in promos, leading some fans to believe he was talking about Bell. Does that mean William Bell is coming back? "We basically erected a sign outside of Leonard's house saying please come back to Fringe and we're hoping that by Season 5 he says yes," said Pinkner. But that doesn't mean Bell will definitely be back, or that they're writing themselves into a corner. Neither Pinkner nor Wyman would go into detail, but they said their reason for not being dependent on Nimoy's participation would become clear. Could they extract his consciousness again?

– It's sounding like Sam Weiss won't return to the series. He served his purpose in Season 3.

– Both gents were were pretty cagey about whether or not David Robert Jones is at the top of the bad guy food chain, or whether there's someone else operating above him.

– As for the 13-episode fifth and final season, that's a good amount of time for them to tell the story they want to tell, they're very content with that time frame.

– Both Pinkner and Wyman found out about the renewal just four hours before Fox announced it, and both of them had a hard time keeping the secret to themselves. Wyman was getting his guitar fixed and Pinkner was dropping his kids off at school. They had no idea they were getting the renewal and were in the dark along with the fans. As for that Season 5 teaser that was released along with the news? That was made before they even knew they'd be renewed. As Pinkner said, "You buy an engagement ring hoping she says 'yes.' So the trailer was made in hopes there was a renewal."

Is anyone else really excited for this two-part finale? Like, duh. Of course you are!

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