Fringe's code cracked?

Those who watch Fringe know that there is something more to the show than its weird-case-of-the-week crackdown. Fringe is full of Easter Eggs--little goodies hidden within the show--and one of the more perplexing gems has finally been solved... we think.

When Fox's sci-fi drama heads to commercial break, a spooky blue symbol--which include an apple, a waft of smoke, a human hand--sits on screen for a few seconds. We've always known that they're supposed to mean something, but we may have been looking too hard.

It turns out the solution is simpler than we thought. Tech Web site Ars Technica editor Julian Sanchez took a stab at the puzzle (which was being worked on by friends) and discovered that each symbol corresponds to a single letter of the alphabet--like a Sunday newspaper cryptogram. When the symbols shown during each episode are put together, they spell out a word that corresponds to the episode's theme. Some examples include the words "Rogue," "Taken," and "Olivia."

But, given that breaking the code was fairly simple, Sanchez thinks there may be even more to the puzzle… something larger that we're all missing. In a second post, he thinks it's quite possible that the simple code was just to get things going for a larger puzzle that will continue through successive seasons.

Both of his posts (linked below) are very interesting reads, and should be checked out by all Fringe fans and those who love puzzles. to the Fringe Glyph Cipher Quick Fringe Cipher Follow-Up

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