Fringe's Final Season Poster Needs to Be Observed

You know how I feel about TV posters, but I'm going to make an exception for this one promoting the final season of Fringe because IT'S THE FINAL SEASON OF FRINGE!

As you already know, the bulk of Season 5 is reportedly going to take place in 2036, the same year the Season 4 episode "Letters of Transit" was set in. In that episode, our Fringe Division agents were reduced to babysitters for the human race as the Observers took over the world and established authoritarian rule. But there's a band of humans out there who don't want to bow before bald guys...

Coincidentally (or maybe it was fate!), I re-watched "Letters of Transit" last night, so my brain is still swimming and looking for clues. Aside from a few glyphs (the apple, Mr. Six Fingers), I'm not sure there's too much to read into in the image above. There's our freedom fighters Peter, Olivia, and Walter graffiti-arted onto a wall in 2036 while Observers carry on with their lives en route to the local hot-sauce bar.

However, I'm guessing we can assume that this is our first look at 2036 Olivia, since she was absent from "Letters of Transit." Is she wearing a leather jacket? Or is that denim? Fashion-forward Olivia, I like it! Correct me if I'm wrong, but we still don't know if Olivia was caught in amber like Walter, Peter, Astrid, and William Bell. So she could have aged. If you squint your eyes and throw some Tabasco in them, the image of Olivia does look like she could maybe possibly be a little older. The last time we saw her older was in the Season 3 finale, "The Day We Died," when Peter flash-forwarded 15 years, and let's just say Anna Torv aged well. Maybe she was ambered for less time than the others and thawed out early, making her age a bit? Hey, I'm just throwing things out here.

For comparison, here's a screenshot of Old-livia from the Season 3 finale.

Fringe's fifth and final season debuts September 28 at 9pm on Fox.

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