FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (April 14)

Not going to lie: Television has been way good recently. Maybe it's because shows are amping up for finales or networks' midseason entries have been stronger than usual, but whatever the reason, we're overloaded on FTWs and seriously light on WTFs this week. Not that we're complaining...


This recording of Arya, Bran, and Sansa singing the Game of Thrones theme

We didn't think the theme music to HBO's hit could get better, but this clip from the Season 1 DVD commentary proves us wrong. Too adorable.

Craig Robinson on Eastbound & Down

Playing the one-eyed leader of an all-black biker gang called the Grim Creepers, Robinson was both hilarious and surprisingly menacing. Plus, the gang's entrance onto the streets of Myrtle Beach was truly great—and Robinson's opening line was drop-dead hilarious. We're really gonna miss this show.

Larry David explaining his parking garage meltdown on Conan

Remember that TMZ video of Larry David freaking out when he couldn't get out of a parking garage? The Curb Your Enthusiasm star relived the moment on Conan this week, and recalled, in true David style, how the whole thing went down.

SNL's "Almost Pizza" sketch

We're STILL laughing at this ad parody, which is easily one of the funniest things SNL has aired in a while.

Stephen Colbert employs a veteran

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In honor of Michelle Obama's visit to promote her group Joining Forces, Colbert hired a Marine to replace him as a pundit. In their face-to-face training session, the Marine nailed exactly what every political hack sounds like on TV.

Ashley Judd's open letter to everyone who's been talking about her face

The Missing star responded to media speculation over her "puffy face" by submitting an op-ed to The Daily Beast. You tell 'em, Ashley!

Jimmy Fallon's Downton Abbey parody

Dubbed “Downton Sixbey,” the eight-minute spoof chronicles everything that goes on within the halls of NBC’s studio 6B (a.k.a. Sixbey) and features a dapper Fallon as lord of the "estate," some surprise guests as his wife and daughters, and Late Night's announcer, Steve Higgins, as his loyal butler. Plus a whole lot of uneven accents.

New Girl's True American drinking game

This week's episode featured an interlude where Jess's older boyfriend took part in a rousing game of True American, a drinking game so complicated AND simple that it was actually really fun. (FYI, in case you missed the intentionally incomprehensible rules, someone has laid them out here).

The Daily Show tackles "personhood"

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Al Madrigal, a.k.a. the Hispanic David Cross, is really stepping it up as one of the fake-news show's new correspondents. In the video above, he talks about one congresswoman's aim to outlaw masturbation.


Whoever "Sarah" is on The Real Housewives of Orange County

Gretchen's friend Sarah got a little too wastey-faced at Heather's champagne bowling party and took it upon herself to confront Vicki for some camera time no good reason. Even Gretchen, Vicki's sworn nemesis, was all like, "Giiiirl, you be acting whack!" when Sarah attempted to explain her side of the story... by incoherently repeating herself over and over and over again.

The long, dramatic pauses on Missing

Though the plot is finally starting to thicken, the show's sheer number of long, dramatic pauses and sullen looks is enough to inspire a drinking game, which we're guessing isn't the show's intention.

Touch has lost its touch

We're starting to feel like the series was only meant to be a pilot with a happy ending. There's so little to go on; it's just a show where things happen to people and everything works out by the end of each episode.

The Office... seriously, what happened to this show?

The once-mighty sitcom has two feet in the grave, and Friday's news that NBC might reboot the series entirely speak more to how desperate the network is than anything else. The Office's ratings have slumped, the cast wants to leave, and the show simply isn't that funny any more. We've continually said it's time for the show to call it, and this week's bland episode only confirmed this feeling. Put it out of its misery, NBC.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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