FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (April 21)

Egads, lots of WTF in the real-world news this week. But part of television's job is to pick us up by the scruff of the neck and drop us into a world that's different from our daily lives when our daily lives look bleak, so don't be ashamed to tune out and get your head straight with a Dog With a Blog marathon or a Game of Thrones re-watch. There's nothing wrong with a little distraction. Just remember, when you return to the real world, please treat your fellow human beings and all of the Earth's creatures with love and respect. It may sound sappy, but it's a little thing people sometimes forget to do. Now let's review the good and bad from our second lives in this week's edition of FTW vs. WTF.


Mr. Patton Oswalt

The comedian wowed the world with his improvised Star Wars filibuster on Parks and Recreation telling Disney how to revamp the franchise (don't miss the eight-minute extended version embedded here), and his statement on the tragedy in Boston was one of the best of the week. Yes, this is the same guy who used to be on King of Queens.

The King's Landing power struggle comes to the boardroom

In one of Game of Thrones' funniest moments to date, a microcosm of the battle for influence in Westeros took place when the small council convened for the first time under new Hand of the King Tywin Lannister. What followed was some of the best passive-aggressive chair-maneuvering in the history of the world and a storm of backhanded compliments that left everyone's hands sore. Nothing about this exquisitely acted and directed scene was less than perfect.

Local news anchors laugh until they cry after interviewing Ryan Lochte

This show looks so embarrassingly awful that it might be more awkward than entertaining. But after this week's news coverage, maybe Mr. Lochte is exactly the mindless distraction America needs.

Louis C.K.: OMG

Surprise surprise, the comic's HBO standup special, which premiered last Saturday, was hilarious, particularly his bit on predators and the food chain.

Tessa and Dalia's epic finale fight on Suburgatory

Forty-four episodes in the making, and it was all worth it: Punches thrown, hair pulled, jumping punches launched from ladders, broom-handle dueling... This was likely the season's best non-zombie-related beatdown.

The Good Wife's rape case locks the show in as Law & Order's successor

Perhaps, like us, you sometimes see things in the news and think, "I wonder how Law & Order's going to deal with THAT." With the mothership of that procedural juggernaut off the air (Noel's still in mourning), The Good Wife has stepped up to help continue the ripped-from-the-headlines approach to, and last Sunday's episode, "Rape: A Modern Perspective" put on its own version Stubenville High School rape case, complete with social media shenanigans, rape denialists, and Anonymous grandstanding. It was Kalinda's tech savvy and willingness to work within the system—as opposed to against it a la Anonymous and the group's illegally provided evidence—that allowed the case to come to a satisfactory close.

Alison Brie's attempt to create unsexy .GIFs

Our love for this woman knows no bounds.

NBC's Pete Williams is the voice of reason in the Boston bombing news

Most of the broadcast and cable news outlets—not to mention Reddit and Twitter, oy—were horrible in dealing with the news surrounding the bombs in Boston and the subsequent manhunt for the alleged culprits (see WTFs below). Consequently, we thank the TV news gods for Pete Williams, who normally covers the Department of Justice for NBC, but became a beacon of restraint and caution in reporting during the madness. According to sources quoted by Politico, NBC News' mentality was to "literally 'wait for what Pete reports.'" Finally, NBC got something right.

Southland turns in a satisfying finale, be it for the season or the series

If this is the end of the line for the perennially underrated cop drama—and it probably is—we have few complaints about how things ended, and we'll always be grateful to TNT for taking a chance on what turned out to be one hell of a show.


Natalie Morales thinks we're all bajillionaires

Okay this is old, but watching Hannibal on On Demand brought it to our attention, so consider it a WTFDVR of sorts. The "The More You Know" campaign has been giving life tips to laypeople for decades, but the Today Show anchor went one-percent in this PSA about making your home healthier when she suggested turning your in-home elevator into a staircase. We'll have our servants get right on that as soon as they're done sorting our diamonds by carat, Natalie.

CNN butchers the news

LOL CNN. LOL. *sigh* *sniff* *weep for American news*

Aubrey Plaza's Kanye moment at the MTV Movie Awards

The Parks and Rec actress tried to drunkenly bogart Ferrell's statue during his acceptance of the Comedic Genius honor, and things did not go well. Ferrell handled the awkward interruption like the champ that he is... and we simultaneously felt embarrassed and disappointed for Plaza as she visibly realized way too late that she'd just made a terrible, terrible mistake. Ferrell later said that "it was just a lot of liquor breath."

Fox renews Glee for TWO more seasons?

That's like, what, 3.5 season of Ben and Kate we could've had instead?! We shake our fists angrily in your direction, Fox. (Read the full story What's on YOUR list of TV loves and hates this week?

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