FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (April 21)

Break's over, guys! TV has officially ended its spring slumber, as network-imposed hiatuses are a thing of the past and serieses are back in full force. Good riddance, repeats! See you later, midseason tryouts! Adios, Whitney! It's time to buckle in and get ready for the ride that'll take us through late May, because from here on out it's TV TV TV TV TV TV lunch TV TV! And that means lots more to love and unlove each week, hence this loaded edition of FTW vs. WTF.


Revenge's newest hire

Revenge simply has to be mentioned this week, not just because it's back, but because James Purefoy has joined the cast as a bohemian artist lover for villainous Victoria and he's tipped this already campy series into the most decadent drama on ABC or any other primetime network.

Parks and Recreation's return: Knope We Can in 2012!

West Wing references! April in charge! “If you’ll excuse me, there’s a hot spinning cone of meat next door, and I'd like to eat the whole thing”! So good to have the Pawnee gang back.

The Tyler, the Creator-hosted episode of Punk’d was messed up, but good!

Odd Future's de facto leader—Tyler, the Creator—carried out a bunch of pranks you'd probably expect him to try in real life. To wit: faking the kidnapping of a 10-year-old and blaming British boy band The Wanted. His other victims included Beverly Hills 90210 actress Shenae Grimes and reality star (and Kourtney Kardashian beau) Scott Disick.

Fringe's "The Consultant"

We're a week behind in mentioning it, but "The Consultant" was great, even for those who haven't followed every episode and storyline. We liked how it zeroed in on the characters and their relationships. And as always, the differences between the two universes (domesticated badgers!?!? How CUTE and AHHHH MY FACE!) were an extra special touch.

Tyrion's trap on Game of Thrones

In Episode 2, Tyrion got rid of the Commander of the City Watch, and in Episode 3 he smoked out the Small Council member who crossed him. Tyrion be wreckin' shop, yo! Don't cross the Imp!

Colton Dixon's surprise elimination from American Idol

Now, we're not actually celebrating Colton's exit—he was a strong and likable contender. It's more what his exit represents: the thought-to-be-predictable and unstoppable teenage girl voting bloc is apparently not as predictable as we'd thought! To see the frontrunner go out this soon only raises the stakes and increases the anything-can-happen spirit of an already strong season.

Both of The CW's Thursday series returned with guns blazing

Both The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle returned from short hiatuses with season-best episodes. As both shows rapidly approach their season finales, their storytelling has become as dynamic, fun, and surprising as ever.

Eastbound & Down's perfect ending to a terrific show

Man did we love Danny McBride and Jody Hill's demented homage to American culture. Season 3 brought new levels of humor and pathos while cementing Kenny Powers' status as one of TV's funniest characters. We're gonna miss that foul-mouthed, blustery sociopath.

Frozen Planet

The nature series was exactly as awesome you'd expect from the folks behind Planet Earth and Life. And in honor of Earth Day this Sunday, Discovery is airing a marathon of the series culminates in the still-unseen-in-the-U.S. finale. HD is a must.


Abed goes corporate on us

Just a couple weeks after Community took on product placement in a sly way, actor Danny Pudi not-so-slyly used his Twitter account to shill for Speed Stick. We are disappointed in you, Abed.

R.I.P., Dick Clark

America has lost a legend. Widely known for creating the American Music Awards, hosting game shows, and making a ton of appearances on TV and radio throughout his long career, Clark was a TV icon. Check out the video above to see one of our fondest memories of Dick Clark, interviewing Wolfman Jack on American Bandstand.

America's Next Top Model's cast cuts

In truth we're a little bit torn over this one because the show's been on for ages and we know Tyra's all fiercer-than-fierce on the business side of things, so maybe she's got a major reboot in mind. But Nigel Barker, J. Alexander, and Jay Manuel have been ANTM staples in a GOOD way—familiar, entertaining, and consistent, not stale and boring. We'd rather see the show keep things fresh with ridiculous new challenges and themes and crazy/entertaining/crazy-entertaining guest judges than lose this beloved trio. Especially "noted fashion photographer" Nigel, that guy's the best.

No shrinkage on Awake

One of the series best elements—Michael's sit-downs with his dueling psychiatrists—was noticeably absent from this week's episode. It may not have affected the story, but we sorely missed the mind-f***ing of their logical reasoning.

We all, all of us on the internet, probably discussed Girls too much

Maybe a gentle half-hour sitcom isn't worth the time taken to draft full-blown rants about it? Moving on! We're all riding this crazy Merry-Go-Round together, folks. Let's have a good time.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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