FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (April 28)

Not much happened on television this week except for...a bunch of radicality! 30 Rock went live! Community went Law & Order! Fox renewed a little show we love! And that's just the tip of it. If every week was like this one, we'd ask TV to marry us, regardless of what our grandmothers think.


Dalia sweeping Yakult out of the house on Suburgatory

We love Dalia's angsty resentment toward her mother's dog, Yakult (last week's therapy session was another FTW moment), so naturally we dug it when Dallas caught Dalia on camera literally sweeping the pooch out the back door with a broom. Also, Alicia Silverstone is still around—another perk!

Glee's rendition of "How Will I Know?"

The Whitney Houston episode was not only less icky-feeling that we expected, it was surprisingly solid. And the opening number was awesome.

This Lego Game of Thrones Tumblr

Kids' toys should always be used to depict scenes of medieval incest, beheadings, and girl-on-girl action. It even covers the birth of the shadow baby! Which reminds us...

The Game of Thrones shadow baby


President Obama “slow jams the news” Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

The commander-in-chief joined Fallon and The Roots for a smooth tune about the rising interest on student loans.

30 Rock's live episodes

The NBC comedy is on this week's FTW list for so many reasons: 1) The novelty of doing a half-hour sitcom live, and once for each coast, hasn't worn off since the first time 30 Rock pulled off a pair of live episodes in 2010. It was a really fun departure from what we're used to. 2) Donald Glover as a young Tracy Morgan was amazing. 3) The differences between the East Coast and West Coast episodes were both subtle and delightfully glaring: The guest-star switch from Paul McCartney on the East Coast to Kim Kardashian on the West Coast surprised us with the realization that we can feel something other than loathing for Ms. K. And the list goes on, but you get the point.

One of Lost's head honchos criticizes Season 3

And the traffic in SoCal is as fun as Sawyer and Kate locked in a cage. Good to know he feels the same way we do.

Jennifer Lopez's farewell-performance face during this week's American Idol elimination

Yep, that's the one.

Fringe's Season 5 renewal

This not only made our week, it made our YEAR. Thank you Fox, thank you Warner Bros TV, and thank you cast and crew for making one of the best sci-fi series around.

Community's Law & Order spoof

This must-see episode of the cult favorite deserves all the praise we can give it. From top to bottom, they really made it work.


The L.A. Complex's augmented reality

For the record, this show depicts exactly what it's like to be a struggling actor in Los Angeles: It's a constant pool party and everybody you know lives at the same motel as you—you know, the one that's always throwing the pool parties.

That stupid Google break-up ad

Stop trying to make us have feelings with old photos and chick tunes, Google! How about facing her in person instead of creating an online PowerPoint presentation about the ouch in your boxers to get her back?

Lindsay Lohan is still Lindsay Lohan

Her comeback involves an upcoming guest stint on Glee, so of course she was three hours late to the set (allegedly) and had millions of demands.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer porn parody

Adds new meaning to "Once More With Feeling."

Fox trying to force-trend Twitter #hashtags

We first noticed it during American Idol, when #TheSave splayed across the screen during Jessica Sanchez' last-minute save. But then it spread to New Girl in an even more insidious form: Actual jokes appeared on-screen as hashtags as though to encourage viewers to re-tweet them. Sorry, but whether #McMouse was a funny joke or not, don't tell us what to do, Fox!

SYTYCD's Cat Deeley ALMOST hosted this week's American Idol

While we're glad Ryan Seacrest didn't succumb to his terrible flu, when word spread that producer Nigel Lythgoe had tapped Cat Deeley as a possible stand-in for this week's live broadcast, we couldn't help but wish the substitution had happened. If only for one night! And then MAYBE she would somehow get the job permanently in an All About Eve-style takedown? We can always dream! Cat Deeley is the best.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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