FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (April 6)

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How many April's Fools jokes did you fall for this year? In unrelated news, this is the last edition of FTW vs. WTF that we'll ever write due to budgetary constraints. We know, we know, it's a sad day here at TV.com, but that's the reality of the dot-com business model. Also, Tim has been fired. Not just like out-of-a-job fired, but fired out of a cannon into Saturn. He should hit the surface of the planet in 2018, just in time to participate in the opening ceremonies of the next Winter Olympics. In fact, everyone here at TV.com has been fired and our jobs have been outsourced to hyper-intelligent squirrels. So look forward to weekly reviews of Where's My Nuts? starring Skippy the Squirrel and George Lopez. In the meantime, and for the last time, here's what we though was good and bad about the last seven days in television.*

*April Fool's and not even a good one, obviously.


Josh Charles stops by Olbermann... as Dan Rydell

We don't really know why this happened (other than because Charles has extra free time these days), but does it matter? BRB gonna go watch all of Sports Night again. 


Louie's literal "Louie's Back" promos

We've missed this guy.


Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey's April Fool's Day switcheroo

The hosts of CBS's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and The Price Is Right swapped jobs in celebration of the prank-filled holiday: Carey hosted Ferguson's free-wheeling late-night talk show with his Price Is Right announcer George Gray serving as his sidekick, and Ferguson, Geoff, and Secretariat gave out fabulous prizes to the contestant who bid the closest to the actual retail value. 


Everyone's trying to cope with Will's death on The Good Wife

In what was probably its most affecting hour of Season 5 since "Hitting the Fan," The Good Wife addressed Will's death in this week's "The Last Call." Diane maintained control of herself by maintaining control of LG, Kalinda sought out answers and then a dark revenge plot that left Will's killer begging for a suicidal option, and Alicia tried to determine what Will called her about as she imagined various scenarios and finally settled on the one that gave her perhaps the most comfort. It was a sad, draining, and excellent episode of a stellar season.


The Mindy Project is back and better than ever

After a couple months away, The Mindy Project returned to Fox's schedule this week with two very strong episodes. The show smartly picked up right where it left off with Mindy and Danny post-kiss on the airplane, then spent the rest of the hour showing us that these two crazy kids might just be able to make it work, though not without plenty of pratfalls and sextape reveals along the way. 


The Peabody Awards recognize Orphan Black, Scandal, Key & Peele, and House of Cards

The Peabody Awards are almost certainly our culture's best and most diverse honor, and the latest round of winners proves it. Congratulations to Breaking BadOrphan BlackOrange Is the New BlackBroadchurchThe ReturnedKey & PeeleScandal, and House of Cards—or, as you may know them, all the great stuff we've been talking about for the last year. That's quite the range of good-to-great TV shows. 


Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule finishes strong

When Season 3 began with the titular doctor witnessing the fiery death of his brand-new co-anchor, it was difficult to imagine where the show could go next. The following five installments happily trotted through drug-fueled excursions to seedy strip clubs, the consumption of canned horse meat, visits to nightmare man-child daycares, and the doctor's own mother giving birth on a tarp to a ball of hair while her dead husband hung from a noose a few feet away. Comedy! If you like what the Abso Lutely team delivers elsewhere (Portlandia, Kroll Show, Review with Forrest MacNeil, Nathan For You), then chances are you loved "Skateboards," which found Brule in a coma, struggling to regain his identity, with hilarious results.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. nicely sets up Captain America

It's no secret Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hasn't been the breakout hit Marvel and ABC were hoping for, but this week's episode finally got the ball rolling on the main storyline as Coulson discovered the Clairvoyant wasn't a psychic, but a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent with security clearance. And although the series' odd scheduling hasn't really helped the show's ratings, it suddenly makes sense, now that we know the series had to find a way to work in the reveals from Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Inside Amy Schumer's Season 2 Premiere has herpes

After an uneven first season, Inside Amy Schumer's returned for Season 2 premiere with an outbreak of hilariously crude proportions. While all the sketches deserve praise, God (Paul Giamatti) helping Amy through a herpes scare was the highlight of what looks to be a strong sophomore effort.


Reese gets slapped at a high-school reunion

In one of Person of Interest's most tongue-in-cheek missions to date, Reese and Shaw assumed identities of alumni attending a 20-year high school reunion. And apparently Reese's cover had been quite the philanderer, because he was slapped three different times by three different ladies who all held grudges over being used and abused two decades prior. Reese probably should've slot the slappers in the leg, but instead he took the blows like a champ.


Thanks for the memories, Raising Hope

The lovable Fox sitcom closed out a four-season run on Friday with one last round of its signature wacky-yet-heartwarming hijinx. The series finale involved no less than a return visit from Jeffrey Tambor as Virginia's father Arnold, an exact replica of Princess Diana's wedding dress, and Kenny Loggins crooning "Danny's Song," a nice callback to the pilot. We'll miss you, Chance family!


Community comes through in the end with a perfect G.I. Joe PSA

Dan Harmon's weirdo comedy couldn't've done a G.I. Joe episode without one of the cartoon's famous "And knowing is half the battle!" bits, and the show delivered it just in time, with an end tag that saw Britta's Buzzkill preaching and Abed's Fourth Wall calling her on it with a quick, direct message: "Graffiti is bad, go play sports!" 


Continuum returns to U.S. TV 

Yay! But you know what would make it even MORE of a FTW? If Syfy and Showcase could work out a deal to air the show simultaneously in the U.S. and Canada. Just sayin’.


"Boy Meets World," a slam poem by Samuel L. Jackson, courtesy of The Tonight Show

That Jimmy Fallon gets celebrities to say the darnedest things...


You thought the Psych series finale would disappoint? C'mon son!

Editor's note: We wrote this entry last week and then apparently forgot to include it in the story, as @smorbie has pointed out in the comments. The slight wasn't at all intentional; Psych was an important show to many of us, so we've included its series finale in this week's FTW vs. WTF list as a last-minute addition to make sure it gets its due. 

After a penultimate episode that was so heavy, weird, and un-Psych-like, there may have been a nagging fear that the series finale would try to be too splashy or self-serving. Instead, it was perfect, with a decent case, a few tearful farewells, and a healthy dose of Billy Zane. "The Break-Up" was never smug or treacly, never over-indulgent. Just the story of a man who loves another man in a way that they can both have wives and kids and pools. And maybe Gus will find his own Juliet. And her name will be pronounced hoo-lee-ay. And she'll be Jamaican. Oh, no. We're getting misty about the Shules proposal all over again. Psych called it a series with as much humor as we've come to expect from the show, and in really the only way it could've ended, for all intensive purposes. Or all intents and purposes. We've heard it both ways.


David Letterman announces his retirement

While it's probably time for Letterman to say goodbye to the Late Show, his influence on late-night television and comedy in general cannot be underestimated. He's likely indirectly responsible for the majority of the funny stuff you've seen over the last two decades. 


Amazon enters the set-top box race

The company that made its name selling books on the internet has been a busy bee as of late, unveiling its own pilots and buying up the exclusive streaming rights for a bunch of your favorite shows (including HannibalJustifiedOrphan Black, and as of this week, 24). And now the company has developed a set-top box for us to watch it all on. The Amazon Fire TV will compete with Apple TV, Roku, game systems, and the Chromecast in the battle to be the one true black box in your heart. And even though it doesn't seem all that different than anything else, competition is good right? Well, except for the part that all the hardware and streaming-service subscription costs are really starting to add up...


The Walking Dead walked to its destination, but we have to wait 'til next season to see what happens

Season 4B was one long trek to Terminus with mixed results, but Rick's group finally finished its journey in the season finale. And once they arrived, they were herded into a train car with Rick vowing to exact revenge... about six months from now. The finale would have made a great penultimate episode, but as a season-ender it was a bit of a letdown. 


HIMYM's series finale erased several years' worth of storylines

We've already spent a lot of time dissecting the How I Met Your Mother finale, but we obviously couldn't leave it out of FTW vs. WTF... which is why it pains us to say that "Last Forever," while it certainly had its moments, was ultimately a disappointment. After spending the entirety of Season 9 at Barney and Robin's wedding, it was a slap in the face to find out in the span of a few minutes that Barney and Robin had divorced, the Mother had indeed died, and Ted was still carrying a blue French horn for Robin. While we can accept the Mother's death, if the writers really wanted Robin and Ted to end up together, they should've focused more on what happened between 2013 and 2030. Instead, they tacked on one final "twist" that reneged on pretty much everything they'd spent nine years building toward.


Sheesh, Donna!

Suits’ Donna may be the eyes and ears of Pearson-Specter, dishing the gossip as well as the indispensible wisdom of a magical fairy god-secretary, but her antics in this week’s “Know When to Fold 'Em” crossed the line into WTF territory when she guilt-tripped Mike into staying in a dead-end job out of loyalty to Harvey even though his continued presence compromises everything the firm has accomplished and even Harvey encouraged Mike to take the freaking investment job. She also encouraged Harvey to lie to Scottie about Mike, while urging Harvey to do everything he possibly can to keep his relationship with Scottie healthy, which is hard to do when Scottie just wants Harvey to be honest with her. We never thought we’d see the day when the amazing all-knowing Donna really just needs to STFU.

What's on YOUR list of TV loves and hates this week? Elizabeth making big moves on The Blacklist? Nick's mom's return to Grimm? Once Upon a Time's big death? Share your own FTWs and WTFs in the comments!

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