FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (April 6)

Damn, television! You musta been working out because you were looking good this week! Seriously, it's been a while since you had a week this great. Is it because you finally dumped Alcatraz? Maybe it's just the Game of Thrones effect? We don't know your secret, but keep it up!


Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones!

As if we'd dare leave this one out. Sunday's premiere reached series high ratings, proving we aren't alone in thinking the entire Season 2 premiere deserves a nod FTW. We particularly enjoyed meeting Melisandre, the red-headed, red dress-donning priestess who prays to red fire and has no trouble chugging poisonous red wine. You say, "The night is dark and full of terrors," but Sunday nights are awesome and full of win.

South Park’s Passover holiday special (featuring the Jewpacabra)

As the town of South Park prepared for its Easter-egg hunt, Cartman—like the big jerk he is—ruined everything by convincing people that "a horrific four-legged creature from Mexico that sucks the blood of goats” was on the loose. He even went as far as saying the monster preys on children during Passover. No one believed him...until he captured a video of the beast.

Jessica Sanchez's performance of "How Will I Know" on American Idol

From her outfit to to her song choice, none of the contestants celebrated the '80s theme as well as Jessica Sanchez, but her huge vocals absolutely nailed the Whitney Houston classic. Probably the most fun two minutes of the entire night.

This explosive Secret Circle scene

We know it happened in last week's episode, but it's been haunting our daydreams ever since.

Being Human calls to the heavens for help

An eclipse further messed up our supernatural roommates' messed-up lives and gave this sagging series the pick-me-up it needed going into the finale. Dead girlfriends? Undead dead boyfriends? All directly caused by the moon shimmying in front of the sun.

Quarles turns a bad situation into a party on Justified

He was naked, chained up, and held captive by junkie whores. But by the next scene, he was wearing a kimono and handing out free-base hits of Oxycontin via an unloaded shotgun to half-naked sluts. That's what we call turning a negative into a positive! Way to go, dude!

iTunes' sneak peek of Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra

The iTunes HD sneak peek of the sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender took a little while to download, but it was worth it. The animation and designs look great and the first two episodes suggest that Korra will be a fun continuation of Avatar's mythology.

Community's fictional civil war

Now no one can say Ken Burns' Civil War has never been spoofed with a giant pillow fight. Another instant classic for one of TV's most ambitious sitcoms.


Community's real civil war

Yeah, we know Chevy Chase can be difficult to work with and didn't want to shoot a particular scene. We also know that creator Dan Harmon is insane and led a "F*** Chevy" chant in front of Chase's family at the wrap party. This is a case of gasoline playing with fire, and nothing was going to stop them from clashing. Settle this like men, boys, and get back to making comedy.

Networks rudely say goodbye to comedies

ABC let Happy Endings finish its run with several weeks of lead-ins that were repeats. NBC's Bent was ushered out of the building in three weeks. Way to go, networks! We happen to like those two shows and would appreciate a little effort on your part.

Networks' insistence that "sneak previews" aren't also "series premieres"

This week Starz tried to tell us that Magic City was premiering even though it was actually a rerun from last week's "sneak preview." Also Fox recently attempted to claim that Touch's second episode was actually its season premiere, as though the first episode somehow didn't count. We know marketing is important, but do networks have to tell blatant lies about their programming in order to build an audience?

Bryan Greenberg needs a new home

It's a bummer that How to Make It in America's Bryan Greenberg dropped out of CBS’s Greg Malins/Greg Berlanti pilot so fast, but with any luck he'll find another gig soon!

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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