FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (April 7)

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers... but until we see those flowers, we have to deal with all this rain! Did you know that FTW vs. WTF can be used as an umbrella? Just print out 100 copies of this page and tape them to the top of your head, or hold your laptop, iPad, Kindle Fire, Commodore 64 over your head while this story's on the screen. Then you can go ahead and play that round of golf or hit the beach! FTW vs. WTF will keep you bone-dry! And unlike your boring old "normal" umbrella, this umbrella will tell you what was good and bad about the week in television.


Dalia has feelings, too... and they're possibly really crazy and slightly dangerous ones

Suburgatory's on a roll with the young Royce. We're really digging her dark new backstory of having been scorned by Jenna, her former bestie (or hook-up; who do YOU believe?), and possibly becoming Chatswin's biggest sociopath as a result. Watched Carly Chaikin play it like a boss LOL. Can't wait to see where it goes LOL.

Move over dragons, GIANTS!

Game of Thrones returned with a lot of fanfare Dany's pets, but dragon hype is so Season 2. We like the new big dudes up north, who might pound Jon Snow into the ground if he stares at them too long. Impressive CGI and great character modeling has us wanting more.

The Chicago Sun-Times' cartoon for its beloved Roger Ebert

Simple and perfect.

Castle airs its 100th episode

Yes, "The Lives of Others" aired on April Fool's Day, but like 10 billion other sites have mentioned, the Hitchcocky episode was "no joke" (ugh). Nathan Fillion + Rear Window references made for a completely charming hour!

Archer trots out the awesome guest stars in part one of its season finale

Calling back to the season opener's Bob's Burgers riff, Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal appeared in "Sea Tunt: Part 1" as Cecil Tunt and his annoying girlfriend Tiffi. Cecil looked a lot like an adult Gene Belcher, and we couldn't help but think that Tiffi is pretty representative of how Louise will turn out—heck, Tiffi never took off the helicopter pilot's helmet. Oh, and then Jon Hamm's voice came out of deranged Captain Murphy, an under-the-sea laboratory scientist threatening to destroy the United States. Fun times all around.

NBC stops screwing around and gives Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show

Maybe you love Jay Leno (hey, grandma!) and maybe you think Jimmy Fallon doesn't deserve a promotion after what will be just five years as the host of Late Night. But at least NBC put an end to yet another round of drama, back-biting, and entertainment blogs passing off transcriptions of Jay Leno monologues "news." The network doesn't often do things right and it's still possible that this'll end in disaster come next spring, but all the hullabaloo is over for now and that's good news for all of us.

Doctor Who's sassy new companion

The more time we spend with Clara, the more we like her. She and the Doctor have great chemistry, and she doesn't take any sh*t. While it's always tough to accept a new companion, so far we like what we see.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog lifts his leg on some Real Housewives

Impressively, they took the abuse pretty well! Nice work, Triumph. Also: Congrats on the renewal, Conan!

Jon Stewart discusses Jeff Zucker's new CNN

CNN has been a total joke for years now, but its latest facelift by the man who destroyed NBC was an especially fitting topic for the man who does fake news the best.

Louis C.K. watches that clip from Louie with David Letterman

He meant Jimmy Letterman, duh!

Maddie and Daphne's "Ho Hey" cover on Nashville

Sorry Rayna, we know you wanna keep them out of showbiz, but we totally want more of these two.

Andy Richter as Penny's (super gay) dad

It's been great having Happy Endings back, and both of this week's episodes were strong. But Richter's appearance was definitely a highlight. The mimosa-slinging Roy even took a tomato for his daughter, an important first step toward redeeming his 30 (29) years of absence. Sah k'yacht!

TVD fanfic makes its way to... The Good Wife?

After Peter approached Diane about a possible appointment to the State Supreme Court, Diane asked Kalinda to vet her, to see what might come out during an investigation. What Kalinda found, of all things, was some some erotic The Vampire Diaries fanfic associated with Diane's IP address and email, with hilarious (and sort of sad, really) results.

Cult wasn't awful. No, really! You know, for Cult

Admittedly, at this point, our standards are pretty low for the redheaded stepchild of The CW's schedule, and the ratings just keep getting worse and worse and hilariously/impressively worse, but "Suffer the Children" turned out to be a legitimately interesting exploration of corrupt (and crazy) Detective Sakelik, who's been one-upping our two goodie-goodies all season long.

FTWTF (just pretend there's another .GIF here)

Kristen Schaal's Comedy Central special

Seriously, did any of you guys watch it? There were some very funny bits, our favorite one being a play about a failed romance between a stock pot and a spoon (although we didn't realize until we looked for a video that it's from 2009). But then it ended with an extended scripted sketch that was halfway passed off as "reality" and a song about how Kristen Schaal is a horse? Vulture has more details, but man oh man, was it bizarre. Kinda awesome due to its sheer audacity, but bizarre.


FX accidentally cuts The Americans short

Hey, even cable companies screw up. FX mistakenly issued faulty information to cable and satellite providers, causing the final seven minutes of "Safe House"—arguably, the seven most important minutes of the series to date—to be excluded from DVR recordings. Thank goodness the network's response is FTW: As a mea culpa, the episode will available to watch online until May 15.

Hannibal debuts to lower ratings than Awake and Prime Suspect

It's pretty cool that Bryan Fuller's Hannibal is actually good. Unfortunately, that doesn't really matter because NBC's 10pm Thursday timeslot is so poisonous. The series premiere drew a 1.6 rating with 4.3 million viewers, which is decent for NBC, but still pretty bad overall. It's sad to know that Fuller squeezed some quality material out of an overdone franchise and he still couldn't make a hit. Here's a small consolation, though: The network is unlikely to pull the series early, because all 13 episodes have been produced and it doesn't have anything else waiting in the wings. 

The Walking Dead's big "war" barely registered

After half-a-season's worth of build-up, the so-called showdown at the prison was severely underwhelming (though the rocket-launcher takedowns of the watchtowers were cool). And don't even get us started on Andrea's poor time management with those handcuffs. While the Season 3 finale certainly had its moments, we expected more.

What's on YOUR list of TV loves and hates this week?

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