FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (August 17)

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You've spent all week talking about the things you saw on television that were "okay," "mediocre," "lukewarm," "uh-meh-zing," and "whatever," but now it's the weekend! Which means it's the time to talk about what was "super dope sick" and what was "hella sucky"! Let us help you decide what was what in this super dope sick edition of FTW vs. WTF!

The bot that automatically makes .GIFs from HBO's The Wire

This Tumblr featuring an automated program that makes a new .GIF of the classic series every hour on its own is the pinnacle of our technological civilization... and the beginning of Skynet. We can't wait for Terminators to mutter "Sheeeeeeit" while they crush humanity.

Jason Biggs on Orange Is the New Black (Don't worry, no spoilers!)

The man famous for sticking his pecker in an American institution is doing some really amazing work on Netflix's prison dramadey as the fiancee left out in the cold on the outside. His scenes at the end of "Tall Men With Feelings" were fantastic.

The Legend of Korra FINALLY has a premiere date for Book 2

Seriously, it was about damn time. Is it September 13 yet? Is it? IS IT?!

Bex Taylor-Klaus has booked a guest stint on Arrow

Taylor-Klaus delivered one of The Killing's best performances this season in a truly breakout role as the homeless and scrappy Bullet, so the news that the young performer will be appearing on Arrow for two episodes as the comic book character Sin has us very excited. We just hope she'll eventually be back for more, and that she'll have more to do than other guests—like David Anders—sometimes have.

John Oliver wraps up temp gig as host of The Daily Show

Despite a slightly rocky start where he relied a bit too much on Jon Stewart's tics, the correspondent-turned-guest-host eventually hit a groove, and while we'll be happy to welcome Stewart back, we're almost sad to see Oliver go. Certainly a surprising bounty of summer news stories—including same-sex marriage, Paula Deen, the royal baby, and most importantly, Anthony Weiner a.k.a. Carlos Danger—helped him out quite a bit, but the comedian found his own style, swapping Stewart's frustrated cynicism for an almost-pleasant dumbfounded version. Maybe Stewart can go direct a film every summer now?

Low Winter Sun joins AMC's team of male anti-heroics

While not everyone's cup of tea, the dour goings-on of a Detroit internal affairs investigation mussing up the revenge killing of a cop has the workings of a gritty noir/suspense-thriller featuring top-notch actors, and we're excited to see where it's headed.

Another Futurama family reunion

In a generally middling final season, "Game of Tones" proved that Futurama can still walk the line between silly and sweet. Seth MacFarlane's much-touted cameo as beloved pup Seymour was, thankfully, only a decent throwaway gag. But it was Fry's reconnecting with his long-lost family, however briefly, that put the episode over the top. What? Shut up, we're not crying, you're crying.

A pair of stuntwomen recreated Family Guy's Peter vs. Chicken fight

The word "epic" often gets thrown around willy-nilly. This is not one of those times. It's just too bad they couldn't sync one of the fights scene-for-scene.


Breaking Bad returned like the house was on fire, and the show wasted no time getting down to business. Dean Norris carried the weight of the fantastic (mid-)season premiere and acted his pants off for the entire hour; while Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito have both been nominated for Emmys for the work they've done sharing scenes with Bryan Cranston, it looks like it might be Norris's turn. 

The CBS / Time-Warner feud continues

One of the country's biggest cable carriers still isn't carrying the country's biggest network? It's been two weeks, guys. Work it out. Dome withdrawal is no laughing matter. If this thing doesn't get resolved by the time the NFL seasons starts, Time-Warner is gonna get destroyed.

TNT's Frank Darabont gangster drama has a new, lamer name

First it was L.A. Noir, then it was Lost Angels, and now it's Mob City. Someone call a Mob Doctor to fix this title!

Tickle, Discovery Channel's newest fake television series

After yanking our chains with Megalodons and mermaids, Discovery's spin-off of Moonshiners claims to be a docu-drama following one of its breakout stars, Stevie Ray Tickle, as he goes about his business FOR REAL. Except it starts with a flashforward. Then goes back in time. And all the shots are set up with the same precision of a single-camera comedy or primetime drama.

Next Food Network Star's stretched-out finale

Food Network's flagship reality show was stupid fun all the way up to the final episode, when the live finale to tell us who won was 55 minutes' worth of boring nonsense (with fans asking awkward, Skyped-in questions, painful highlight reels, and unnecessary praise for the judges) and 30 seconds' worth of announcing the winner. (Congrats to the deserving Damarus, by the way!)

What's on YOUR list of TV loves and hates this week?

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