FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (August 19)

Another week come and gone, another seven days' worth of television in our review mirrors. Here's what was awesome and not-awesome about it!


Olympian Gabby Douglas as a co-host of America's Got Talent

The gold medal gymnast who gained more attention for her ponytail than her awesome displays of athleticism joined host Nick Cannon on the stage for Wednesday's elimination episode during AGT's infamous YouTube rounds. She made small talk with musical group Karmin and inspired an enthusiastic U-S-A chant among the audience. Oh, and by the way, her hair looked LOVELY.

Alphas saves a character

The surprisingly good Syfy show was in danger of losing our interest in free-will-crushing Nina, but Monday's episode threw her a lifeline and really helped explain her standoffish-ness with a touching arc. It's good to have you back, Nina!

American Horror Story's first Season 2 teasers

We're still not totally sure what's going on, but WE CAN'T WAIT for Season 2. (Go to the show's Facebook page to view.)

Ladies and gentleman, let’s celebrate sharks, shall we?

Wanna see a shark attack a plane? How about a shark with tentacles? Maybe some Guidos shooting at sharks? Perhaps a shark taking a bite out of the Golden Gate bridge? Just in time for Shark Week, The Huffington Post unleashed a best-of supercut featuring the most memorable and ridiculous shark scenes ever seen on-screen.

Justin Kirk's comedic timing might save his show

NBC's sneak peek at Animal Practice may not have had audiences roaring just yet, but Justin Kirk as a cranky veterinarian is the perfect casting call. His dry delivery when explaining to a woman that her cat attempted suicide is just one of the reasons we hope this series lands on its feet.

Teen Wolf caps off an awesome Season 2

Season 1's addictiveness was hard to top, but Season 2 totally blew it out of the water. While there weren't any (too) shocking twists or devastating carnage, the Season 2 finale did contain some excellent, emotional storytelling and some tantalizing teases for Season 3. Plus, you know, THIS happened!

Joe Schmo will return to Spike after a ten-year hiatus

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You probably don't remember the 2003 debut of The Joe Schmo Show, but it helped put the brand-new Spike network on the map. It was basically a staged Bachelor-esque reality show starring a cast of paid actors and one "Joe Schmo" who thought the whole thing was real. The cast of actors included Kristin Wiig pre-SNL, the competitive events were impressively over-the-top, and the finale earned more than 3 million viewers for the final reveal to the one contestant who had no idea the whole thing was staged. Spike has decided now is the perfect time to bring it back—this time spoofing the reality sub-genre of bounty-hunter shows, with one guy who thinks he's really competing for $100,000. Ralph Garman, famous for a number of Family Guy voices, returns as host in a new, sleeveless disguise, eviction ceremonies appear to involve a flamethrower, and Lorenzo Lamas will add minor celebrity credibility (a first for the series). Can't wait!

Walter White escapes meth charges!

No, not on Breaking Bad! In that other place that is full of strange characters: Tuscaloosa, Alabama! A 55-year-old man who shares the name of Bryan Cranston's character broke probation from a 2008 charge of making and selling meth and is now on the loose and at the top of Tuscaloosa County's most-wanted list. Look for the Vamanos Pest trucks!

TV and the movies sing Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back"

This video went viral immediately, and rightfully so.


Summer Olympics withdrawal

WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO NOW? Wait patiently until 2016?! Get real!

Gallery Girls makes us hate art

Just what we need: A TV show that makes us depreciate art culture. When Angela went on a first date with her Australian photographer friend David, she refused to call it a date because she'd like to think they're "above that." Um, would you prefer to call it a courting? How about a hang-sesh-that-might-get-physical? Or a "he should still pay and I want to sleep with him but we're just friends so we're having dinner first" outing? Please just know there are real artists out there, okay?

The CW's Oh Sit!

This new reality series is a total sitshow. Complete piece of sit. Totally sitty. The best part about the premiere was seeing Jamie Kennedy as "host" clearly looking mortified and embarrassed—that's also the worst thing about this series, though. So there's that.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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