FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (February 10)

Readers, we need some cheering up. Maybe it's the cold weather. Maybe it's that we're feeling lonely like Bear was on Person of Interest and we just need a friend. Or maybe it's that we're writing this intro while finishing up last night's Justin Bieber-hosted episode of SNL, which was... not good. But this is one of the more pessimistic rounds of FTWs and WTFs we've compiled in a while—seriously, we haven't had this much trouble thinking of FTWs in weeks. So please, help us out comments, will you? What did we forget? (And if you've got any jokes to tell or cute pictures of kittens to share, we'll take those, too.)


Jeopardy! took some inspiration from The CW for this year's Teen Tournament

What is, "Good one, Trebek"?

Supernatural's "Everybody Hates Hitler"

New mythology. New digs. New allies. NAZI NECROMANCERS. And a catchy title to top it all off. This is the Supernatural we know and love. Plus the episode was penned by Ben Edlund, so you know it’s the good stuff.

David Costabile returns to Suits

You likely know him as poor, mild-mannered Gale on Breaking Bad. But Suits overhauled his personality for the role of slimeball Daniel Hardman, and he’s a total dick and he’s awesome.

But unfortunately, he messed with Donna. No one messes with Donna.

Nick gave us some sweet new dance moves on New Girl

Nick's lifelong goal is to avoid uncomfortable confrontations: Kids on your lawn? Get ready for a riot-act oration. You kissed your roommate and now you have to deal with feelings? That's what the "panic moonwalk" is for! (And for the record, Nick's "trying to cheer Jess up because Dr. Sam dumped her" number wasn't bad either.)

PBS's Pioneers of Television

Season 3 concluded this week and covered TV funny ladies, the cultural impact of Roots, and the foxy ladies who played Catwoman in the Batman programs. This is a must-watch series for anyone who loves the history television. Seriously, educate yourselves!

Raising Hope's TV takedown

"Yo Zappa Do Part 2" wrapped up the Chances' trip to California with some hijinx on a network lot in Hollywood, where Burt learned all about how to make a good pitch and what happens when networks get too involved in the creative process; in the process, he even kicked NBC in the nuts. While we're a little concerned the show is getting too meta/spoofy, we're always down for sendup of how the small-screen sausage gets made.


Finn and Emma sitting in a Glee tree

This is getting ridiculous.

Andy's back on The Office

The bossless days at Dunder-Mifflin's Scranton branch ended Thursday night as Andy returned with a new coif and that same all-over-the-place disposition. Is he sensitive? Is he a jerk? Neither. He's just a selfish douche who no one really missed, on the show or in the audience. Welcome back, Turd-dog... not.

The Americans loses the support of a once-loyal proletariat

The Americans dropped nearly 40 percent in viewership, from 3.22 million to a measly 1.97 million! No fair! Audiences everywhere are already suspecting a top secret government conspiracy to stop good TV. Please don't let this one go the way of Terriers!

Community's back... or is it?

One of TV's best comedies returned without its special sauce, a secret recipe whose main ingredient is series creator Dan Harmon, and the difference was pretty noticeable. The Season 4 premiere pantomimed one of our favorites, but in the end felt hollow. True, it's only one episode, but it wasn't the start we'd hoped would give us confidence in the new regime.

NBC's last few weeks

It's been a terrible fortnight for the Peacock. It set a record worst premiere with Do No Harm, Smash returned to pitiful numbers, Law & Order: SVU hit a series low, Community's return was blasted by critics, and Up All Night is a disaster. How many nights a week will they air The Voice next season?

CBS's embarrassing commentary during the Super Bowl blackout

Seriously, it was like James Brown, Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, and Shannon Sharpe were blacked out, too. Of course it wasn't planned—but remember when TV personalities were able to think on their feet? At least the Puppy Bowl was able to benefit...

What's on YOUR list of TV loves and hates this week?

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