FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (February 2)

Just a special note that TV.com will be OFFLINE next week due to Super Bowl Week, a celebration of God's greatest gift to mankind, football. REAL football, Europe! We'll be spending the week recovering from all the cheap domestic beer we put in our bodies on Sunday, as well as picking out the bits of chicken wings and our enemies from our teeth. Yep, this is part of what makes America great. A preview of next week's FTW vs WTF? FTW: Super Bowl! WTF: Everything else! Haha! Have fun slaving for an uncaring boss, rest of the world! Yeeeeehaw! Go football!

And in the meantime, here's what we liked and didn't like this week in television.

UPDATE: Management has informed us that Super Bowl Week is a figment of our imagination and is not real and that we should be at work at 7am on Monday.


Workaholics' "Alice Quits"

Dead birds! Airsoft guns! "Eggs are baby chickens!" Daniel Stern as the new jerk boss! Jet Set quitting with a "My name is Jet motherfucking Set! But you can call me Patrick Swayze because I'm Ghost!" FACT: This is one of the funniest shows on TV right now.

This Homeland RPG

Season 1 spoilers in the video!

The soundtrack/score of The Americans

Period pieces regularly fall victim to obvious music cues that immediately evoke specificity, but in its debut episode, FX's new drama did a great job blending two songs—Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" and Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight"—into the show's world. While the Fleetwood Mac choice was the more inspired of the two, the pilot somehow used "In The Air Tonight" unironically and without stepping on the immortal toes of Miami Vice. And that's all in addition to the fact that Keri Russell booted a man's head through drywall and tracheas were romantically collapsed. This ain't your mom and dad's Felicity, folks!

Enlightened considers Levi

Like last season's remarkable "Consider Helen," which looked closely at Amy's mother, this week's episode focused on ex-husband Levi as he went through Amy's new-age rehab. The takedown of Abbadon was put on hold for a week, giving room for an absolutely gorgeous episode with one of the most satisfying character arcs in a long time.

Kareem weighs in on Girls

Yes, THAT KAREEM, wrote an essay about HBO's Girls, and it is awesome. A sample line about forcing in a character of color to address critics: "A black dildo would have sufficed and cost less."

Nick and Jess's big kiss on New Girl

Oh boy, that kiss. No one thought it would seriously happen, but it did and it was sweet and sudden and lovely and we've been refreshing the scene on YouTube ever since. *swoon*

Sheldon Cooper's "touchy" feelings

The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon-and-Amy coupling has always seemed a little lopsided, with awkward Amy repeatedly throwing herself at Sheldon and Sheldon usually appearing indifferent to his adoring/all-hot-and-bothered fan. This week, we finally got confirmation that Sheldon actually DOES like Amy and even though he knows that his issues with understanding emotion and physical affection often get in the way of that, he's aware of them and he's working on them. Awwww.

SNL's "YOLO" digital short

We put together last week's edition of FTW vs. WTF before watching Adam Levin's overall-meh episode of Saturday Night Live, and because of that we missed including Lonely Island's very funny "YOLO" digital short. Be carefolo out there, folks.

Supernatural's blast from the past

Henry Winchester, paternal grandfather to Sam and Dean, stumbled through a closet in 1958 and came out the other side in 2013. He introduced the extinct Men of Letters to the Winchester lineage—the bookish "Yodas" to the hunter "Jedi"—and (finally!) gave the show something to connect the often aimless recent seasons to the original story that wrapped in Season 5.

Happy Endings' Alex isn't as dumb as she is

There were a lot of great moments in Tuesday's Happy Endings double header, but one of our favorites was the Usual Suspects tag at the end of "The Marry Prankster." How nice to know that tiny little Alex isn't as brain-challenged as many of us thought. P.S. Congratulations, Penny!

30 Rock's farewell

It wasn't perfect, but the show got to end on its own terms, and without having to scramble to do so. It gave us a finale that had gender twists ("I'm a terrible mother!" "You wouldn't be thinking that if you were a dad!"), capped off long-running gags, squeezed in a double Hitler, and stayed true to its ironically-meta-but-still-sentimental heart. We'll miss you, Liz Lemon.


Do No Harm's ratings

Just in case it wasn't confirmed that NBC's once-prestigious 10pm Thursday time slot was dead, Do No Harm went and poured some more dirt on the grave by debuting with a 0.9 in the 18-49 demographic, the lowest in-season series premiere on a major network OF ALL TIME. Do No Harm isn't the worst show NBC's put in that hour ('sup, Mr. Leno?) but its performance yet again proves that 1.) NBC is not all the way back, no matter how big the font size used for "success" in those Revolution press releases and 2.) 10pm dramas are hard to launch.

Sean sends Leslie home on The Bachelor

Divorcee Chris Harrison and his group-love racket have been under close scrutiny (not really) since having a racist lawsuit brought against the show, so the inclusion of some women of color this season who actually get to speak is both a victory and a squirm-fest. Leslie, a poker dealer from Los Angeles (?) was the latest to get the ever-shameful mid-date boot, after going through a real life Pretty Woman shopping spree. In the wake of Sean's prior "test your might" dates, this one seemed like a set-up from the get-go. Was he letting her down softly because of the race thing or is that just paranoid A-hole thinking?

Young Justice and Green Lantern are canceled

It hasn't been a good year for Cartoon Network's two DC Comics superhero shows—first there were too-long hiatuses and then there were abrupt hiatuses for no reason other than "because we felt like it"—and now they've been axed. If only we nerds had bought more toys.

What's on *your* list of TV loves and hates this week?

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