FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (July 1)

Holy moly, we have a crap-ton of WTF and FTW moments for you this weekend! And it's a good thing, too, because who doesn't want to spend their weekends reflecting on the best and worst of TV moments of the week?


Louie's colorblind casting

Screw continuity! The FX comedy isn't concerned with keeping characters straight (Louie has had sisters and/or brothers and kids living with him and kids not living with him), just with keeping it real. The new ex-wife character in Season 3 is the mother to his lily-white kids, and she's black. Louis C.K.'s reasoning behind the casting is admirable: She was just a good actress.

NBC's T-shirt design contest for Parks and Recreation

We kind of love that the network is doing this. There are some pretty awesome designs so far!

Modern Family's Ariel Winter as Dora the Ass-Kicking Explorer

If Jerry Bruckheimer got a hold of the kids' icon, it might look a little something like this.

Mia Michaels' return to So You Think You Can Dance

For those of us hardcore SYTYCD nerds, the return of this show's grand dame of choreography was a real highlight. Not only is it nice to have Michaels back from her backstage-drama-tinged exile to SYTYCD: Canada, her group number was an incredible, bizarre, cool triumph. As Nigel said, "Welcome home, Mama. You've been missed." One question though: Is she in the Witness Protection Program now?

A Harlem Globetrotter tears up the American Ninja Warrior course

An incredibly tall and good-natured Harlem Globetrotter named Bull Bullard proved that reality show ninjas don't HAVE to be tiny sprites in order to do well on this show. Watch him ace the course while ALSO playing to the crowd.

The guy who lost a tooth on The Price Is Right

And 85-year-old contestant named Henry stumbled during his trip up to the stage and lost one of his chompers in the process; you'll surely find yourself chuckling over his newly gap-toothed grin when you see how giddy he was over just being on the show.

Stephen Colbert's commentary on the gay pride Oreo drama

Regardless of personal politics, Colbert's bit on the cookie controversy made some excellent points about consumer politics, got some jabs in on the more extreme responses to Oreo "coming out of the pantry" and was just plain funny.

Margo Martindale's guest appearance on Suits

The always compelling Martindale from A Gifted Man and Justified went head-to-head with Harvey and Mike as a nurses' union negotiator.


Sorkin's skewering, shamefulness, and supercuts

After The Newsroom creator's grandstanding dialogue was smacked down by most critics (and adored by most fans), his condescending remark ("Listen here, Internet girl") to a female journalist who worked for a newspaper showed his true colors, and this supercut by a superfan inadvertently showed off his surprising limited range. Everyone jump on board the Sorkin backlash wagon! Lena Dunham must be pretty happy right now.

CNN and Fox News getting Thursday's healthcare verdict wrong

Dummies! Being first is awesome but holy crap get your facts straight before you put them on our TV screens, will ya?

Russell Brand's rambling

We're all for letting guys riff on the spot if they can riff on the spot, but Brand just blabbers. On Brand X with Russell Brand, Mr. Former Katy Perry opens his mouth and words just spill out, jokes thud to the ground, and dogs everywhere cover their ears from the screeching.

Anger Management lifts nearly every setting from Two and a Half Men

Granted Two and a Half Men didn't invent the soundstage, but Anger Management is (understandably?) playing it way too safe with the: 1.) big open living room, 2.) kitchen discussions at the table with coffee mugs, 3.) bar with a restaurant, and 4.) therapist's office. It's all made to feel like Charlie never left, but the set-up feels stale and he's sorely missing Jon Cryer as his foil.

Alec Baldwin strikes again

No fists were involved this time around, but an enraged Alec Baldwin was caught on video verbally assaulting a paparazzi photographer. There was some manhandling, too, but seriously we think Baldwin needs some anger management before he does something really stupid.

Zooey Deschanel on So You Think You Can Dance

While we admit that Zooey behaved in the same way WE would've (slack-jawed amazement, mostly), it's usually better for guest judges to be able to actually DISCUSS dancing, wouldn't you think?

Kimora Lee Simmons' Rush card commercials.

The card itself is a way to scam poor people and the ads run all the way through our DVR'd block of Bad Girls Club with promo codes like "Beauty" and "Sassy."

The lesser subplots on True Blood

This show has always been wildly uneven (it's a trademark at this point), but a full half of this season's subplots have bordered on insufferable. Does anybody actually care about Sam's romance with Luna? Or Arlene and Terry's ghost issues? And don't even get us started on Andy Bellefleur. It's nothing new to care about Pam and Eric and Jason more than anybody else, but last week's disparities were downright sigh-inducing. Don't make us use the fast-forward button, True Blood.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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