FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (July 15)

What a week: Between the post-July 4th influx of new episodes and the insanity of Comic-Con, there was a lot to love... and a little to hate. Here's what made our list for the week of July 8–14.


Sesame Street / Cookie Monster's version of "Call Me Maybe"

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The Legend of Korra gets a 22-episode Season 2

Not that we're surprised. The Nickelodeon show that probably garners equal parts child and adult audiences is officially back, and by the looks of things it will be sticking around for quite some time. (P.S. Keep an eye out for a recap of the show's Comic-Con panel, which should be up on the site soon!)

The good parts of Comic-Con

New trailers! Cool costumes! Alison Brie rapping! The 'Con is totally exhausting but also it's so much fun.

Louie's man date

The FX comedy is on fire in Season 3, and this week's episode was all about the touchy topic of taking a friendship too far. Louie will be a FTW each week until it stops being awesome, which at this rate should be never.

Frontline educates us with Endgame: AIDS in Black America

School isn't the only place you can learn new things, there's also TV! And this week Frontline educated us on the plight of AIDS in the African American community and opened our eyes to a world pretty much overlooked by the media. Heartfelt and heartbreaking interviews tracing HIV's penetration and devastation of an entire group of people.

The Onion's new reality parody, Sex House

Whether you loathe-watch reality TV shows like The Real World or can't even stomach it because holy-crap-these-people-are-all-just-so-freakin-terrible, you'll likely enjoy Sex House, the new faux reality show from the biggest news satire organization, The Onion.

A Supercut of Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman saying "Yo, Yo"

Gawker released yet another video that cuts togethers a shiz-ton of Jesse's "yo"s—and it's hilarity! The best is when Skylar and Walter start their "yo" rebuttals.

Covert Affairs season premiere was surprisingly awesome

After two seasons of good girl super spy Annie Walker, USA shook things up with a death in the first five minutes of the premiere and a new assignment for Annie. Sarah Clarke joined the cast as Lena Smith, an agent who likes to bend the rules and encourages Annie to do so as well. Also, Piper Perabo spends a lot more time semi naked.

Omarasa—yes, that Omarasa—is a hero!

The former reality terror saved the life of her boyfriend, actor Michael Clarke Duncan, after giving the big guy CPR when he suffered a heart attack. He's now in the hospital in stable condition.


David Letterman might have spoiled The Dark Knight Rises

During an interview with Anne Hathaway on Thursday, David Letterman showered the upcoming conclusion to the Christopher Nolan trilogy with praise, saying, "What I liked about it is—people say, 'Well, I haven't seen the first [two].' I said it's not necessary, it's not essential to see all previous installments of Batman. And in the end, Batman is [insert spoiler]" He quickly backtracked by saying that Christian Bale isn't [spoiler], while Hathaway warned him that he'd just incurred some serious wrath from hardcore Bat-fans. Here's the video, if you dare.

Cable provider vs. TV network runarounds

After months of negotiations over whether or not DirecTV should be allowed to purchase channels individually from Viacom, with Viacom insisting that DirecTV must pay for ALL Viacom channels, DirecTV dropped Viacom channels altogether. DirecTV subscribers are the ones who are really suffering, currently without such staples as Comedy Central and Nickelodeon while the two companies continue to have it out. And this is the second such happening in as many weeks, as Dish recently dropped AMC after a similar contract dispute. What will the cable providers take away next... our remote controls?

The Newsroom's News Night has the best booking agent in the business

The show's dramatic dialogue is easier to endure than some of the set-ups it employs—like expecting us to believe that Will McAvoy gets one Tea Party candidate after another to appear and be ridiculed on his program.

The TIMING of Comic-Con

For some shows, it works. For others it's the worst possible time to do press. Reporter: "What can you tell us about the upcoming season?" Actor: "Nothing really. We don't know anything yet because we haven't even had a table read." Reporter: "Oh. Well then how has your experience at Comic-Con been?" Audience: "NOT THIS QUESTION AGAIN!"

More disappointment at the 'Con

For every awesome thing that happens at Comic-Con, it seems like there are two heartbreaking ones. The Firefly reunion panel sounded great, but the heartbreak suffered by superfans who couldn't get into it was a bummer to see. And there were kids who couldn't see the preceding The Legend of Korra panel because of the Firefly fans in line for Ballroom 20. Won't anyone think of the children?

Shaun's The Bachelorette departure

It wasn't particularly "WTF"-filled, but watching a grown man get dumped on national television mere (TV-edited) minutes after he finally drops the "L" bomb is cringeworthy enough to include.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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