FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (July 22)

Well, we made it to the end of the week and so did television, by the looks of it. And what a week it's been! Emmy nomination announcements, season premieres, actors and writers losing their jobs—there's just so much to ew and awe about! Like all of this:


The CW's honest Emmys Tweet

They're not wrong.

Viacom and DirecTV patch things up

After nine days of occasionally hilarious bickering (our personal favorite moment was when DirecTV told angry subscribers to catch their shows online... only to have Viacom stomp its feet and take everything down), Mommy and Daddy have kissed and made up. Now go watch that Teen Mom marathon.

A young Aaron Paul on The Price is Right

Yeah, Mr. Barker! Yeah, prizes! Yeah, showcase showdown!

Emo Wilfred

The pooch put streaks in his hair, applied some guyliner, and actually put on a dog collar (spiked) when he felt his friend Ryan was abandoning him.

Famous scenes from The Wire rebuilt Lego brick by Lego brick

[There are spoilers in the video for those who haven't watched the series]
HBO's classic gets remade with the toy building blocks, and Omar never looked so adorable. Featuring appearances by the city of Blockimore, Avon Blocksdale, Frank Sablockta, Block Moreland, and plenty more bad puns.

The magnet plan on Breaking Bad

Not only was it a genius idea, but it came from Jesse Pinkman, "YO!"

Mrs. Argent takes center stage on Teen Wolf

Eaddy Mays' singular performance as Allison's intense mother has typically been limited to the occasional one-off scene or hilarious reaction shot. But this week something happened to Mrs. Argent that places her at the center of the action. It's like the showrunners are reading OUR MINDS!

So You Think You Can Dance finally got down to business

It's been a long time since Season 9 actually BEGAN, but we finally got our first official competition and elimination episode this week when four (!) of the Top 20 were sent packing. As much as we enjoy the friendly, laid-back, kumbaya 'tude of TV's best reality competition, we welcome the dose of heightened competition.

Louie's awkward belligerence gets results!

The past two episodes of Louie have contained truly stunning scenes full of Louis C.K. sputtering and stammering to express something important. Whereas last week's Miami episode showed us Louie failing to articulate to his new bestie WHY he wanted to be friends, this week saw Louie asking out Parker Posey's sexy bookseller in his most hilarious yammer yet. Seriously, it shows how good this show's writing is when its central character can say so much with his awkward belligerence. And this time it even worked!


Massive layoffs on HBO's The Newsroom and CBS's Unforgettable

Aaron Sorkin fired his entire writing staff after an uneven first season and the CBS procedural canned its supporting actors (including the awesome Kevin Rankin) in the name of a Season 2 makeover. If the problems were that dramatic, they're probably less the fault of the team that was assembled and more the fault of the person who assembled them.

Modern Family hogs the Emmys again

If you're going to take up all the acting spots in the supporting categories, at least throw Nolan Gould (Luke) in there.

"Honey Boo Boo Child" gets her own TV series

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is scheduled to debut on TLC on August 8 because clearly Toddlers & Tiaras wasn't horrifying enough. Alana Thompson, (in)famous for her numerous catchphrases, "coupon queen" mom, and "proud to be redneck" family is back to make us all weep for the future of humankind.

Fred Willard's bad week

Listen, the man is 72. Past age 70, a person has lived long enough to deserve to do just about anything he or she wants—so long as it's not murder. And touching himself (allegedly) in a dark theater isn't exactly murder. That didn't stop PBS from firing him, though.

AMC made us sit through the first part of Small Town Security before we got to see upcoming clips from next week's Breaking Bad

Seriously, AMC? That AND you're breaking the show's final run into two 8-episode seasons? Apparently this reality thing is here to stay.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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