FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (July 6)

Is it hot where you are? A heatwave is currently transforming the birthday-celebrating United States of America into a microwave, melting old people and causing Pomeranians to spontaneously combust. But did you know that you could use TV.com's weekly FTW vs. WTF column to cool yourself off? Just print out this page and fold it into a paper fan! Or print out several copies of this page and build a giant paper airplane and ride it all the way to Antarctica! Oh and speaking of temperatures, we've compiled a list of what was hot and what was not hot on TV this week, and you'll find it below in this slightly shortened Fourth of July edition of FTW vs. WTF.

Adventure Time tackles magic (faith healing) and science (medicine)

One of the charms of Adventure Time is its willingness to do "very special episodes" about "very important topics" and still be pretty fun (see: "Hug Wolf"). "Wizards Only, Fool" pitted Starchy's desire for a magic spell to cure his cold against PB's scientific mind, and while PB did come around on magic, it was only as a distraction (Abracadaniel!), so as to provide some medical help. Our favorite bit was that no one learned anything: PB's still (mostly) biased and prideful, and Starchy's still easily placated by a rainbow show.

The Venture Bros. weaves a tangled web of love, lies, betrayal, and bigger stories 

"O.S.I. Love You" did a lot of heavy lifting in an action-packed episode, particularly in setting up the Investors as a potential big threat (who knows if it'll pay off in the THREE EPISODES WE HAVE LEFT). It was great to see Brock back in action, and to confirm that he still clearly cares about the boys: His anguished cry as Hank went after Molotov will haunt our dreams. Minor WTF: David Bowie isn't the Sovereign?! Say it isn't so!

Airwolf is back! (in digital comic form)

And so are Saved By the Bell, Punky Brewster, Miami Vice, and Knight Rider—all thanks to a collaboration between NBC Universal and Lion Forge Comics. According to the New York Times, this is just the first wave of dead shows to be resurrected as graphic novels. Fingers crossed for a Cop Rock revival!

John Barrowman got married!

Congrats to the Torchwood star for marrying his longtime partner Scott Gill in California after last week's Supreme Court ruling. Now if only someone could pass a bill that would erase Torchwood: Miracle Day.

The Saul-centric Breaking Bad spinoff might, could, possibly  happen

With the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad set to premiere August 11, we're already devising ways to combat our inevitable Heisenberg withdrawals (which we'll likely accomplish by doing meth and watching only the dad parts of Malcolm in the Middle reruns). But if a recent interview with The Wrap is to be believed, Vince Gilligan and writer Peter Gould are focusing their post-ABQ sights on a Goodman pitch, which could manifest as either a prequel or a sequel. Only one question remains: Will it be titled Better Call Saul?  

Debra Morgan has the best password ever

Well, this is it: Dexter has reached its final run, and while the Season 8 premiere was merely "fine" in many respects, Dexter guessing his sister's foul-mouthed login was an instant highlight. How wonderfully, classically Deb.

Siberia might actually have some potential

There's no doubt that NBC's scripted reality show will get crushed in the ratings against CBS's Under the Dome, and the pilot had plenty of problems, but then someone DIED... and it was entertaining! Based on the promos for the rest of the season, we're intrigued enough to stick around for a least a few more episodes. 

Pretty Little Liars tells us who A *isn't*

Season 4 has been full of "answers" that may or may not be real, and this week, PLL landed a whopper. After three seasons of being one of the few suspicious females in Rosewood (in contrast to the town's entirely suspect male population), Spencer's sister Melissa announced "not it." Later on, A confirmed the news with a pretty anticlimactic text message—but thanks to PLL's knack for inspiring doublethink, we're inclined to believe not only that Melissa isn't a bully, but also that she's the new wannabe mole. You've ruined us, A. Ruined us. Back to the drawing board, Liars.

The E-Trade baby might be growing up for good

We never thought we'd say this, but we were sad to learn that the agency responsible for E-Trade's famous baby ads has resigned the account, which could mean the end of the creepy, stock-trading kiddo. Should that be the case, we'll actually miss the little tyke, who's really grew on us over the years; lately we can't help but chuckle every time he says hello to his pal Fern. After all, the Super Bowl has seen much worse.

Shocker: The Big Brother cast is full of horrible people

We know better than to expect a group full of rocket scientists and humanitarians, and it's pretty typical for the occasional racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. discussion to arise during the show's summer run. But never before has a BB cast been so terrible, so quickly. In just a little over a week, certain idiots have used a litany of troubling terms to describe the house's minority houseguests (witnessable thanks to the show's live feeds). It's gotten so bad that CBS had to make a statement regarding their activity (because of course the show's producers will never put any of this material in televised broadcast), but it doesn't seem like any real consequences will come down on the houseguests in question. At least the entire internet knows they're terrible human beings.

Sherlock is headed to Comic-Con without Sherlock or Watson

For the first time ever, PBS is bringing the fan-favorite adaptation to San Diego along with co-creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, plus producer Sue Vertes. However, series leads Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are too busy solving the Mystery of How to Avoid Mouth-Breathing Nerds/stacking that cheddar to attend. We can't be too disappointed, because anyone lucky enough to have seen League of Gentlemen knows that co-creator Gatiss is basically a true comedic hero. But still, neither of the series' stars? Sigh, maybe it's all for the best, seeing as how a mere batting of the lashes from the gents might cause a deadly stampede of Katnisses and Princess Leias no fanboy could survive, cosplay shields or not.

Under the Dome underwhelms

After a pretty solid pilot, the second episode of CBS's summer sci-fi experiment made us feel trapped against our will. The drama became a comedy thanks to a priest who couldn't grasp the concept of fire, the continuation of an unnecessary kidnapping arc, and too much time spent figuring out what we already knew: It's a dome, people.

Ray Donovan needs fixin'

There've been a lot of mixed reviews about the debut of Showtime's new drama, but consider us on the disappointed side of the fence. There's a decent show in there somewhere, but we're worried it's buried under too much other stuff to ever dig itself out.

What's on *YOUR* list of TV loves and hates this week?

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