FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (July 8)

The fireworks may be over (unless you live next door to Sea World, then it's you who's over the fireworks), but that doesn't mean there's nothing left to "oooh" and "aaahhh" about... including television! Before you run outside to chase the heat waves like a sweatier, less-ripped version of Bodhi from Point Break, "oooh," "aaahhh," and "eeek!" over this good and bad things that happened on television in the last seven days:


Melissa Leo literally on Louie

Warning: NSFW language and adult situations and Melissa Leo talking dirty.

The Oscar nominee stole the show in this week's episode of Louie, playing Louie's new drinking buddy and sex toy in the series' funniest scene yet. Seeing her crawling all over the top of his head and punching him in the face while calling him not the heterosexual he claims to be was almost too much to handle, but it was her hand pantomime of a dirty sexual act that made her our new favorite person. [WARNING: The video is pretty dirty, so make sure your kids aren't in the room.]

Jenna Hamilton's Awkward. home life

Awkward. is built around the Matty/Jake decision, but Jenna's beef with her mom is adding serious emotional foundation to a show that is otherwise delightfully hyper-realistic.

Weeds' non-twist twist

We're getting to the point where TV viewers are so savvy about cliffhangers and end-of-season twists that we expect shocks and misdirection at all times. So when Weeds Season 8 premiered and we found out what happened with the sniper, the most shocking twist was no twist at all: Sure enough, Nany Botwin got SHOT IN THE HEAD! She survived, obviously, because Weeds isn't the type of show that would work well with a ghost protagonist, but still... we didn't see that coming.

Teen Wolf's no-big-deal gay bar visit

Aside from possibly The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf is probably the gayest show on television. But in a futuristic way! The gay character is the most popular kid in school and his orientation is never fuel for after-school-special type preaching. So this week when several characters went into a gay bar to track down a villain, we half expected the straight guys to resort to the typical gay panic humor we see on every other TV show. But nope! Scott and Stiles were so cool with it that Stiles even got his feelings hurt when a dude DIDN'T buy him a drink. It was all downright charming, and the no-big-deal-ness of it all was so rare that it ended up being downright important.

Syfy's glowing package

We tend to get a lot of screeners for upcoming shows, but Syfy just has a way with theirs: This year's Alphas and Warehouse 13 screener came in a box that glowed! Honestly, for shut-ins like us, we appreciate any bit of extra light we can get.

The death of the child Authority member on True Blood

While it's not a TERRIBLE idea to have an ancient child on the all-powerful board of vampires (articulate children can be very creepy), this particular child actor was not exactly the most commanding of actors. Even with limited dialogue he still grated on our nerves, so when Christopher Meloni's character STAKED him, we were so happy we began to suspect we willed it to happen. Farewell child Authority member! You won't be missed.


Tina Fey's ridiculous rap debut

The 30 Rock star makes an appearance on the latest mixtape by Childish Gambino (a.k.a. Community's Donald Glover), and while it's very Tina Fey and worth a listen, it's also kind of terrible. "A" for effort, but no post-30 Rock hip-hop careers for you, Liz Lemon!

Syfy's Bigfoot was an elephant graveyard of formerly successful people

We know that a major element of the Syfy Original formula is the starring roles for faded stars, so the presence of Danny Bonaduce and Barry "Greg Brady" Williams was both expected and pretty hilarious. But it majorly bummed us out to see Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) and Bruce Davison (everything) involved here. We love you guys! What happened?! As for you, Alice Cooper, we have no words.

Shaun's "prank" on The Bachelorette

During Emily's visit to meet his family, Shaun played a "prank" on her which mostly involved lying and messing up the guest room real bad to trick her into thinking he lived at home and was a slob. The best part was how easily she believed it, but still barely changed her attitude once she found out it wasn't real. (Although, WHICH part wasn't real, Shaun? The messiness, or you living at home?) Anyway, if there's one thing that's a bigger turn-off than sloppy living, it's gotta be lame pranks. So congrats, Shaun! Nailed it.

More faeries on True Blood

Ugh, haven't we been through this before? Knock it off, show!

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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