FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (June 15)

Have you finished the new season of Arrested Development yet? Here at TV.com, we're serious about television-watching trends and the one that's currently on our minds is Netflix's spit-'em-all-out-at-once strategy. Many of you seem to enjoy binging on a whole season's worth of entertainment in one sitting, so starting next week, we'll release the next three months' worth of "FTW vs. WTF" and just predict what will be cool and what will be baby drool for the entire summer (WTF: True Blood's Jason putting on 100 pounds and still walking around shirtless. FTW: Falling Skies becoming into an intergalactic musical). But in the meantime, here's what was super neat and what stank like feet on TV on television this week. 


NPH's opening number at the Tony Awards

"Stick with me 'cause your emcee's a season pro..." And how! Plus he danced with Mike Tyson and, pulled off an illusion Tony Wonder could only aspire to, and then delivered one hell of a rhyme in a Les Mis-style extreme closeup. It almost makes us a little excited for the Emmys!

The Venture Bros.'s triumphant return

Okay, so we're a week late to the party, but the seemingly endless wait for the Season 5 premiere of television's best show about failure was well worth it. Soaked in pop culture references that managed to all come together in a ridiculous plot that resulted in Rusty actually completing a task for once, "What Color Is Your Clean Suit?" was an hour-long delight. Last Sunday's "Venture Libre" was a little less successful, but between Hank's jungle-themed, coffee bean-fueled Batman riff and the return of Venturestein, we can't complain too much.

John Oliver's angry welcome on The Daily Show

John Oliver has done as well as could be expected in his first week as the temporary host of The Daily Show—the fish-in-a-barrel nature of the NSA/PRISM spying story has helped immensely—but the highlight of the week was seeing the show's other correspondents shake angry fists and make snide comments about penis-covered glass ceilings, foreigners taking American jobs, and the lack of respect for seniority on the job that helped to make the temporary transition an easy one.

Jeffrey Tambor recreates the opening to The Larry Sanders Show for Jimmy Fallon

A great tribute to a great show. Oh the nostalgia!

Hank Azaria reads the Los Angeles Dodgers lineup in Simpsons voices

Two of America's favorite pastimes collided and resulted in something way too cool for words. But we have one gripe: Where's Comic Book Guy?

Burn Notice's 100th episode travels back in time to Ireland...

...via flashback. Yes sir, this syndication milestone had it all: Fi and Michael "McBride" meeting for the first time, 2001 bangs, make-ups and break-ups, dramatic Irish accents, and direction by Jeffrey Donovan himself. Now if only this final season would reveal the origins of Michael's intense yogurt obsession...  

Magic City's Season 2 Premiere

Ike managed to avoid prison, but that doesn't mean the Miramar Playa's problems are over. In fact, after snubbing Ben Diamond and making a bid to work for Fidel Castro, chances are, Mr. Evans and his brood are in for a messy/awesome season. Also: Yay for giving Vera something to do other than pine for a baby. 

An obsessed Brazillian artist recreates the Friends apartment with paper

Hey, it's his call on how he wants to spend his free time. Fortunately, we reap the benefits. (Many more pictures here.)

The teaser for HBO's True Detective

Lost among the hype for the Game of Thrones finale, the previews for True Blood and Boardwalk Empire, and that bizarre trailer for The Newsroom was this quick teaser for True Detective, the time-jumping murder mystery starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. We've been looking forward to this ever since it was announced, and now we're even more excited, thanks to this moody tease.


This isn't real, but it should be. We'd easily devote as much time as necessary to learning all the fighter's tricks. I mean, illusions, Michael!

Thanks to TV.com user @jamesbond for the F-T-W-T-F .GIF!

Teen Wolf tortured Isaac AGAIN this week

FTW because Isaac is probably the most beautiful thing on TV right now, but WTF because everybody needs to leave Isaac alone jeez!


Duck Dynasty expands to Christmas albums, cruises

The loveable hillbilly-ness of the Robertsons is long gone, thanks to the overmarketing of the A&E reality stars. Overmarketing of reality stars? Shocking, we know. Later this year you'll be able to hear Willie, Phil, Jase, Jep, and Si sing your favorite holiday classics, and for just $749, you can spend four days at sea with them next summer. Dynasty indeed.

The Bachelorette trots out some requisite dirty laundry

You'd think after 900+ cycles of this show the producers would be able to screen out the baddies, but then what kind of fun/sacrifice to the TV Gods would that be? This Monday saw Brian "Pink V" Jarosinsk slammed with the arrival of maybe-girlfriend Stephanie, confirming suspicions that he was not consuming poolside white wine and killer guac with the bros of Harrison Manor "for the right reasons." Like all sensationalized displays of human frailty, the encounter was awkward and weird, mainly because zero emotional connections have been established, so Desiree just kind of stared at the ground while two dopes had the kind of vapid standoff you'd expect to see in the dumbest part of the mall (Abercrombie & Fitch?). Oh well, guess they can't all be Juan Pablos! 

Falling Skies falls right into the Creepy Baby trope

Newborn Alexis, daughter of Tom and Anne, is advanced for her age. REALLY advanced. And it sucks. 

Sylvia took Don back for like ten seconds on Mad Men... and Sally saw it

The way to a woman's pants is through her draft-dodging son... until Sally Draper walks in on nookie time. We're all for Don finally getting caught and having to face some consequences for once, but his daughter's future therapy is going to cost thousands. Poor girl. 

The Critics' Choice Awards make it rain trophies for The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a fine show; it's nowhere near the worst comedy on TV, but it's also nowhere near the best. We're used to seeing it receive a few nominations at the more "traditional" Emmys, but it was a little surprising to see the show pick up Best Comedy Series, Best Supporting Actor (Simon Helberg), and Best Supporting Actress (Kaley Cuoco, in a tie with The Middle's Eden Sher) at the Critics' Choice Awards, which theoretically exist to reward the shows and performers that aren't likely to receive much attention from the Academy (see: Tantiana Maslany's absolutely FTW win for Orphan Black). Yet, there was Big Bang Theory, dominating the comedy categories. Just a little weird.

Character posters for The Newsroom?

We here at TV.com—well, mostly Tim—have often said that online "posters" for television shows are silly, although they least they serve the collectable-crazy genre crowd well. But this new collection from HBO for The Newsroom seems particularly unnecessary, promoting the brainy and often-preachy drama with black-and-white stills of each character accompanied by a choice quote. And Neal's quote isn't even about Bigfoot. 

What's on YOUR list of TV loves and hates this week?

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