FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (June 23)

Oh, heyyy. Even in the summer heat, TV still manages to conjure up an extraordinary number of perplexing (and perplexingly fantastic) occurrences for us to sit back and judge—which we do, wholeheartedly. Here's what we're putting on the spot and squinting at critically this week:


SYTYCD's Vegas Week was packed with action

Over the span of two hours, a half-dozen people were seriously injured or hospitalized, and there were dozens more in tears. It's not so much that we love seeing the physical and emotional pain these dancers go through, it's more that we appreciate just how hard this all looks. Now bring on the Top 20!

Girls' quiet final scene

It's fitting that the closing image of Lena Dunham's triumphant first season offered neither setback nor closure. Just a perfectly poetic, uncertain moment where a typically chatty character didn't have to say anything for us to know how she felt. Now when does Season 2 start?

Wilfred's "special preview episode"

"Progress" was one of the series' best installments yet, and it's not even officially part of a season! Not only did the episode address Season 1's cliffhanger in grand fashion, it featured awesome guest-stars and awesome camera—and production—work, too. And we're still laughing over that Patch Adams joke.

Inside Men on BBC America

The miniseries about an inside job at a cash-counting facility debuted this week in the U.S. and the opening hour was all kinds of time-jumping, everyone-suspecting, shotgun-to-the-knee-shooting intense. We have no idea who the brains of the operation will turn out to be, how many backs will be stabbed, or who will survive... and that's exactly how we like it. Highly recommended viewing for heist-film buffs.

Breaking Bad's Lego meth lab

Complete with Gus holding a Pollos Hermanos drumstick!

Ryan got sent home on The Bachelorette

Thank goodness, right? Although now we'll need a new source of bad facial hair inspiration.

Jimmy Fallon vs. Justin Bieber on Late Night

Jimmy challenged "the Biebz" to a number of battles, including Laser Tag and checkers, but the entire competition came down to one physical challenge. Watch the clip to see how it all went down.

Howard Stern made it through the last round of America's Got Talent auditions without making any more kids cry

We think the grand total is currently at three; it was always awkward and horrible and rarely ever actually Stern's fault, but it got to the point where we were cringing even before the children started to perform. Congrats, Stern, for behaving this week!


The disappointing return of certain judges on SYTYCD:

We're sure that Tyce Diorio, Adam Shankman, and (to a lesser extent) Lil' C are perfectly nice and talented people, but their judging histrionics are basically unbearable. It's saying something when by comparison Mary Murphy is the levelheaded one up there. Frankly, we were hoping more of these people had been pink-slipped prior to this season, but oh well.

These promos for The CW's Oh Sit!

What we thought was simple musical chairs now looks like American Gladiators and America Ninja Warrior with the finish line being a chair. This looks pretty "sitty."

No Jillian Bell appearance in this week's Workaholics

As much as we enjoy Comedy Central's immature farce for its, well... blatant immaturity (and excess of '90s references), we always find ourselves crossing our fingers for more Jillian—the guys' bizarre co-worker who's completely lacking in self-awareness. This week, we missed her. And, not gonna lie: We think the episode suffered because of it.

Mad Men inspires a new line of McDonald’s uniforms

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? Not only do they look like any old McDonald’s uniforms, but only a portion of the fast food chain's U.K.-based employees are getting the mod look, in anticipation of this summer's Olympics in London. You lovin' it?

The trailer for Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot

We had a hard enough time accepting CGI Care Bears. This is just too much. (Click here to watch the not-embeddable-at-the-time-of-publication trailer.) Plus, no one will ever be able to capture the magic of the original April O'Neil's fabulous yellow jumpsuit. No one.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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