FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (June 3)

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Welcome to June! It was a short work week—for those of us lucky enough to enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend—but there was certainly no shortage of incredibly awesome (and ridiculous) TV moments! Let's talk about them:


Tosh.0 is back!

We say this pretty much every time the show returns; even though we don't long for it when it's gone, the TV week is always a little brighter—and definitely way grosser—when it's around.

Arya Stark takes on the God of Cinnamon

Do not attempt this at home, kids! Seriously, it's dangerous! But it was nice to see Maisie Williams, who plays the youngest Stark daughter on HBO's Game of Thrones, doing the stupid, silly stuff all kids do when she tried the cinnamon challenge. Perhaps she should have asked Jaqen H'ghar to do it?

Workaholics' acid trip

Somehow the show managed to roll a business trip and an acid trip into one storyline, which was comical for anyone who's ever experienced either. Boss Alice Murphy's panic attack when she thought the hotel desk had turned into jello was flawlessly executed. Seriously, that was some premium editing and acting, right there.

The History Channel's Hatfields & McCoys miniseries

Despite its grim tone, laughable fake beards, and overwrought soap-opera acting, this miniseries was still enjoyable. Seeing all those actors dressed up outside playing shoot 'em ups in the shrubbery reminded us of summer camp. And who knew the History Channel could have pulled it off as cable TV's biggest hit?

"Written by George R.R. Martin" finally appears in Game of Thrones' opening credits again

We've been waiting to see his name in the credits all season; Game of Thrones' characters never seem more grounded and real than when they're reading his lines.

SYTYCD's Ninja Twins

This hilarious duo was more than likely recruited by producers to liven up an occasionally dull audition round (they were too old to actually compete), but it didn't matter. They were the BEST. That cartwheel trick!

Shoshanna's "crackcident" on Girls

In one of the broadest and weirdest moments on Girls yet, the resident virgin accidentally smoked a crack pipe while in line for the bathroom at a Brooklyn party and what followed was a mad dash through the city streets that ended with a therapeutic, non-sexual groin massage. Just a truly strange scene that still managed to shed light on one of the show's less prominent characters.

Happy birthday, The Wire!

The best TV series in history (apologies to Love in the Wild) debuted 10 years ago on June 2. To celebrate, please write a 40-page essay on how the school system is totally broken, go track some shipping freights, and kick that crack habit!


Like a million glow sticks exploding at once. Lovely!

Stephen Colbert makes Maxim’s list of the hottest women in the world

The men's mag included Comedy Central pundit Stephen Colbert on its recent list of the 100 hottest women in the world—number 69, to be specific. Unusual but hilariously awesome!


Charlie outs Jack as a woman beater?

Dominic Monaghan tweeted to fans that his former Lost co-star Matthew Fox is a multiple-instance physical abuser of women. Fox, who recently had a case dropped against him that said he punched a woman in her lady parts while drunk in Cleveland, denied the allegations. We just want these two guys to put their arms around each other and sing "You allllll everybody!"

Charlie Sheen's Fiat ad campaign

Please stop giving him money, everyone.

Dogs In the City

We're not entirely against the Dog Whisperer rip, but if you're going to make a dog-training show, at least feature dogs that you actually have to train. The Burnese Mountain Dog in the pilot was owned by a friendly ex-NYC cop and his daughter, but their only problem was that they weren't sure if their dog was healthy. So trainer Justin Silver... took the dog to the vet! Wow, how skillful! Looks like CBS needs a new dog-casting director.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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