FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (March 24)

Happy March Madness! Or, if you're not into basketball, happy Rerun Madness! Our bracket is already as shaky as Happy Endings' future (see this week's "WTF" section), but we're trying to keep our mind off it by revealing what we liked (and didn't like) about TV this week. 


Justified's book club

Colt and Tim chatted on the phone about Tim's book, starring a young Gerard Depardieu as Colt. A stellar exchange in one of the series' best episodes.

HBO GO to go?

Network chief Richard Plepler said this week that in the future, the premium cable channel might consider teaming up with internet service providers to offer a streaming-only, a la carte version of its popular on-demand service. Goodbye cable bills, hello internet bills! Unless this is just a ploy to further advertise the Season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones? (Only one more week!)  

Wendy Williams' summer job

Yes, daytime TV is generally terrible, but The Wendy Williams Show is a rare bright spots on the non-primetime schedule... which means we're thrilled with the news that the show has added two extra months of original episodes to its season. 

"Quick Hardening Caulk" repairs a few cracks in New Girl's foundation

Not that there were all that many to begin with, but Jess and Nick's relationship has undergone quite the makeover this season, and it seems to raise new questions each time they kiss or make googly eyes at one another of get turned on by the thought of doing laundry. The Nick/Jess endgame is still a long way out, but Tuesday's "Quick Hardening Caulk" made it clear that their messy-awkward-sometimes-romantic thing isn't about to fizzle out anytime soon.

Also, Schmidt got stung in the face by a jelly fish, and it was priceless.

Glee's "Guilty Pleasures" shout-out to Goosebumps

The show is more of a train wreck than anything else these days, but this week's episode was actually pretty solid (we love us some Fondue for Two), and we appreciated this quick glimpse at Blaine's reading material: a Goosebumps book! Who cares if the character's not old enough to have enjoyed the teen-horror books in their heyday?  

Archer's new best friend

The superspy's romp with Kazak proved that POI's Bear isn't the only TV pooch who deserves more screentime. "He think's he's people!" Bonus points for the awkward microfiche-on-the-collar Lana-marriage-proposal fake-out. 

Tina Fey on Inside the Actor's Studio

She even dusted off her ol' Sarah Palin impression! On the spot! And "shitballs" is her favorite curse word. <3 u forever, Tina. 

SVU's jaw-dropping "Undercover Blue"

Ed. note: This and the NCIS mention below came from @IndianaMom, who generously sent in a couple "FTW" submissions this week via Twitter and PM. Thanks, @IndianaMom! Everybody else, always feel free to make suggestions to @TVdotcom on Twitter or via PM to TVcom_editorial.

First we found out who Olivia's lover is—the one who was introduced as a hand holding hers during the Christmas episode. It was Cassidy, an undercover cop played by Dean Winters (Mayhem from the Allstate commercials and Dennis from 30 Rock). Then a woman came forward accusing Cassidy of raping her while he was undercover. He denied it, but his lawyer—while questioning Amaro, who'd interrogated Cassidy's accuser—blindsided Amaro with the appearance of a woman with whom Amaro had a relationship while he was undercover 10 years ago. But the biggest surprise came when we learned that the woman has a nine-year-old son with Amaro! Meanwhile, Cassidy and Amaro, already distrustful of each other, almost came to blows in the men's room (again!). Eventually they worked together to bring down Cassidy's accuser and the boyfriend of Amaro's former flame, who was using her (and Amaro's) son to deal drugs. Danny Pino delivered an excellent performance.

NCIS's nice moment between Ziva and Director Vance

They've both lost loved ones recently (his wife, her father), and this week they had a moment in which they shared an unspoken bond of grief and not-moving-on-until-you're-ready. 

On the lighter side of things, DiNozzo and McGee were chased by dogs and DiNozzo jumped on top of their car and went through the sunroof head first—a funny moment from Michael Weatherly, who directed the episode.


Andrea be trippin'

The despised Walking Dead character lost her footing TWICE while being hunted by the Governor. How is she still alive?

Cult adds a new level of creepiness

Friday's episode just had SO MUCH sexual assault and implied sexual assault and female characters being drugged into consenting to things they didn't remember doing later. It was kind of excessive, which is a shame because the rest of "The Kiss" was actually decent-leaning-toward-good. 

Pretty Little Liars' unsatisfying Season 3 finale

It wasn't a bad episode, but it also wasn't surprising or revealing to anyone who'd been paying attention.

ABC's bizarre "Save Happy Endings" promos

Maybe Happy Endings wouldn't *need* saving, ABC, if you'd treated it better in the first place! (We're still totally excited for the series to return, though.)

What's on your list of TV loves and hates for the week?

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