FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (March 3)

Smell you later, February. Hello, March! March is one of those weird TV months where lots of shows go on hiatus while big names lurk just around the corner (Game of Thrones, we're waiting!). So before you click through reruns in the time slots where Do No HarmZero Hour, and Cult used to be, take some time to cherish those shows that are still with us. Except Smash, sheesh, get that thing outta here!

Anyway, here's what we liked about TV this week. And what we didn't.


Kathy Bates joins the cast of American Horror Story

She will be playing Jessica Lange's BFF-turned-enemy and it will be awesome.

Andrea goes American History Z on a zombie

CURBSTOMP! It doesn't matter if the guy was already dead, this was BRUTAL to watch.

Raylan Givens says goodbye to his dad

We all know Justified's marshal badass ain't one for emotions, but after he learned of his father's death, the tough guy had the equivalent of a meltdown for a normal human being. It's a quick moment, it was a revealing moment, it was a perfect moment. Timothy Olyphant did a fantastic job letting just enough emotion out, resulting in one of Raylan's most vulnerable moments of the series to date.

Seth Rogen churns out a worthy love interest for Mindy

The Mindy Project has been up and down all season long, but it's currently up, and this week's episode brought in Seth Rogen in as an army man and former crush of Mindy's from summer camp. What followed was a genuinely charming love story, an accelerated recreation of their summer romance from decades before.

Jennifer Lawrence's post-Oscars press

Consider our hearts won over by America's funniest, most charming new sweetheart. We could watch her answer dumb questions from reporters (or meet Jack Nicholson) all day.

Bunheads' delightful Season 1 finale

When Nick described the finale as a "quintessential episode" for the series, he wasn't kidding. The self-education on sex montage (ALL OF THE CONDOMS), the ridiculous futility of dance auditions, and the emotional sucker punch from Ginny followed by the suggestive dream dance number all came together to showcase how Bunheads is a show about life changes and transitions. The show may not seem like it engages in high-stakes storytelling, but nothing could be further from the truth for these characters.

Carrie and Mouse dump their lousy boyfriends on The Carrie Diaries

Carrie's white-collar boyfriend George was eager for some limo sex after an intense makeout session, but she put the kabosh on it, saying she didn't want to lose her virginity in such a situation (the chauffeur was in the car, for pete's sake). And while George talked a good game about being cool with it, he then suggestively nodded toward his crotch and asked if Carrie would finish him off. Charming! Meanwhile, Mouse cut Seth loose after realizing that all their sexy funtimes were dragging down her grades. Sure, she SHOULD have dumped him after he freaked out over the idea of her having sex with someone other than him—nevermind that a) he'd done the same thing, and thought it was perfectly okay, and b) she hadn't actually done it—but at least he's out the door.


The first peak at E!'s upcoming What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

It was funny when he guest-starred as his idiot self on 30 Rock, but this is just ridiculous. Quit encouraging him, E!

NBC isn't so hot in Cleveland

An NBC affiliate in Drew Carey's hometown opted to preempt Thursday night's lineup in favor of a 1992 Matlock movie, citing the Oscars' In Memoriam snub of Andy Griffith and advertisers' dissatisfaction with the ratings for The Office, 1600 Penn, and Law & Order: SVU. And the Matlock movie still outperformed a new episode of 1600 Penn. OUCH.

Seth MacFarlane sings about boobs at the Oscars

What do you think this is, Seth, the Golden Globes? And no, don't make the boobs/globes joke.

Another Downton Abbey exit

Spoiler alert! Another Downton resident is about to bite the dust. Well, maybe not. The specifics of just how Ms. O'Brien will be departing the estate have yet to be revealed, but the actress who portrays the scheming killjoy from downstairs, Siobhan Finnerman, has confirmed that she's leaving the series in Season 4. Last we checked, this show was a success; why the hell can't it seem to hold onto its cast?

President Obama's unfortunate Star Trek / Star Wars mix-up

That primal scream you heard coming from your neighbor's basement? Part of the fanboy outrage that ensued when the commander-in-chief mixed two iconic sci-fi metaphors during a press conference on the economic crisis. "[Conventional wisdom dictates] that I should somehow do a Jedi mind meld with [Congressional leaders] and convince them to do what's right," he said about lawmakers' failure to reach a deal to avert automatic spending cuts. Clearly, the force wasn't with the POTUS when he conflated Star Trek's Vulcan "mind meld" with Star Wars' Jedi "mind trick." The Nerd Nation almost broke the internet in its haste to condemn Obama's unforgivable gaffe.

What's on YOUR list of TV loves and hates this week?

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