FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (March 31)

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Game of Thrones Premiere Day! No matter what you're celebrating on this fine Sunday, don't forget to also take a moment to recognize all the awesome (and less-awesome) things that happened on TV this week!


Dalia the packrat

Chatswin's most fashionable teen got a bit defensive (and slightly demonic) this week when faced with the hard truth that she'd begun to exhibit hoarding tendencies. The discovery of long-lost kangaroo Penuche once she'd cleaned up the clutter was a hilarious bit of show continuity, seeing as we'd totally forgotten Dalia even owned a kangaroo. Kind of like the time 30 Rock reminded us that there used to be a guy named Josh on TGS.

The cast of Parks and Recreation as the Justice League

Self-described "illustrator, printmaker, and fun-junkie" Vicky Trochez has reimagined Ron Swanson as Batman, Leslie as Robin, Donna is Wonder Woman, Andy as Superman, and so on; see the whole series at vicktrolaprints.com, and if you really like 'em, you can pick up a print on Etsy.

Shakira and Usher's debut on The Voice

She's all sweet and adorable and sincere. He could talk a blind man into buying a nudie mag. Shakira and Usher—who are now filling in Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo—are a fun change of pace for the series NBC insists on forcing down our throats every ten minutes.

New Girl gets serious. Again.

The sitcom unexpectedly killed off Nick's con-artist father, and his funeral was kooky and weird, but also heartfelt and sincere. We learned a lot about Nick Miller by following him home to Chicago.

Ken Tucker's informative breakdown of the late-night game

Calling late-night talk shows the only genre "whose legacy means more to the on-camera talents than it does to the audience," Tucker made a strong case for the waning impact of the Lenos, Fallons, and Kimmels of the world. Citing how today's viewer essentially "builds his/her own talk show" via curated clips and select DVR recordings, he basically painted a pretty bleak landscape for the format and its fans as a whole. Sorry, talk-show fans!

Anderson Cooper met Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat, star of the Grumpy Cat internet meme, made a guest appearance on Anderson Cooper's talk show. It was kind of awkward. But also adorable.

Adventure Time reveals more about Simon and Marcy and more about the aftermath of the Great Mushroom War

It's sort of amazing how Adventure Time has transformed the Ice King from an irritating antagonist to one of the most tragic figures on television, and "Simon and Marcy" only intensified his plight. It was an exciting (slime mutants) and funny ("Clambulance!") episode balanced with incredibly poignant uses of Cheers and that show's iconic theme song. We don't think we're emotionally prepared to see Simon fall further into insanity, Gunter.

The Good Wife celebrates St. Patrick's Day with lies, truths, and Johann Sebastian Bach

While the overall case around Matthew Ashbaugh's (John Noble) murder was something of a wash, the flashback structure of his appearances, his Bach Jambox, his paranoia, and his crush on Alicia created a wonderful vignette of a character. But then there was also Peter punching a wonderfully smug Mike Kristeva (Matthew Perry) and then claiming Kristeva had simply had too much to drink after Kristeva claimed that Alicia was called away to deal with a drug problem regarding Zach. Good times all around.

Raising Hope's musical Mitzvah

Why did an episode about Burt pursuing a newfound Jewish heritage take the form of a musical episode? Maybe Greg Garcia had that hair-metal power ballad about the Torah burning a hole in his pocket. Maybe the writers room just couldn't resist the idea of singing bagels. Even Talmudic scholars may never know, but do we really need an answer?

Elijah resurfaces on The Vampire Diaries

It's no surprise that the quietly honorable Original is a fan-favorite character. Let's face it: Everybody on this show would probably be a lot better off if they just listened to him all the time. He really ought to ditch the Mystic Falls misfits and his own soon-to-be-spun-off siblings for his own series, Elijah Mikaelsen: Vampire Life Coach.

Get ready for Pretty Little Liars: The College Years, plus a spin-off... kinda

Teen ratings and social-media juggernaut Pretty Little Liars was not only awarded a fifth season (Season 4 doesn't even start until this summer), but the show will also get a spin-off about characters we haven't even seen yet. The annual Halloween special will let our Rosewood Liars introduce us to the nearby town of Ravenswood—which apparently is totally cursed (like, by magic).

The Mean Mad Men Tumblr

As far as pop-culture mash-ups go, this Mad Men + Mean Girls combo is pretty spot-on.

Nathan For You continues to impress

One day we'll live in a beautiful world free of phrases like "the funniest show you're NOT watching," (because everything will have screens on it) but lo, that time is a long way off. Enter Comedy Central's Nathan For You, the increasingly hilarious docu-reality series bringing charm, deadpan, and inventive recklessness to the masses. Watch it!

Psych hits the 100-episode mark in style

"100 Clues" was both a fitting celebration of the show's milestone episode and a well-done homage to the cult classic film Clue, and you KNOW that's right!

Justified's Tim gets one of the season's finest stories

By now, it's a known "thing" that Justified struggles to find things for Rachel (lady Marshal) and Tim (sniper Marshal) to do. But in what has at times been an uneven fourth season, the show discovered and developed a great little story for Tim that drew to a close in Tuesday's penultimate episode. Though the strange, compelling respect cultivated between Tim and the strung-out and overwhelmed Colt kept gave Justified a shot in the arm each time the two vets crossed paths this season, their final encounter—in which Colt was simply ready to die and Tim both knew it and was only partially happy to make it happen—was a season highlight.


Disney has come not to praise Star Wars: The Clone Wars (and Lucasfilm Animation) but to bury it

While things didn't look good for the CG-animated animated series about a galaxy far, far away when Lucasfilm decided to cease production on the show to move onto other projects, and that any already completed arcs would become "bonus content" (whatever that means), we learned this week that Lucasfilm Animation was issuing layoffs, and more or less scuttling the team that worked on the series the series. Oh, Darth Iger, do you really want us to focus on the new trilogy that much?

Shameless's Lip realizes an awful truth

We've been rooting for Lip Gallagher to take control of his life out for the better part of three seasons, but just as it seemed he was finally on the right track with semi-steady girlfriend Mandy Milkovich helping him to land a successful interview at MIT, the bottom dropped out. The moment of truth came when he realized his ex-girlfriend, wildly unstable neighbor Karen, was in a coma because Mandy had run her down in the street.

Sheila: "She was so happy when she got that text from you. She knew you were texting to make up. You should have seen her light up." 

Lip: "Text?" 

Sheila: "The night of the accident when she came to meet you. I honestly think that she was so excited, she just forgot to look both ways." 

So now what? Lip is caught between a girl who's ruined his life once already and a loyal girlfriend who's capable of attempted murder. Even though we've named the situation moment a "WTF," we're pretty excited to see how Shameless figures out this mess. 

Greatjon Umber loses part of his ear

Actor Clive Mantle, whose Game of Thrones character lost a couple fingers to Robb Stark's direwolf in Season 1—and laughed about it—had to have his ear surgically repaired last weekend after being attacked by an unruly fellow guest at a Newcastle hotel. Mantle was reportedly pinned to the floor by three men after asking them to quiet down... decidedly NOT a laughing matter.

What's on YOUR list of TV loves and hates this week?

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