FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (May 12)

The first couple weeks of May mark the start of open season for TV networks, and some of your favorite shows have undoubtedly been killed. The loss of a TV show can be overwhelmingly traumatic, and if you find yourself experiencing thoughts of depression, we're here to help. The TV.com Support Society is an open forum for everyone to vent their frustrations, express their feelings, and resolve their problems. So please, open your arms and hearts to those who've suffered loss and be that sympathetic shoulder for someone to cry on. We're all in this together. Well, unless you're crying over the demise of Smash, in which case you have a completely different set of problems (JK LOL sorta!). Your first step to recovery: Checking out what was awesome and nahh-some about the last seven days' worth of television.


Mad Men's Pete Campbell fell down some stairs

The true beauty of SCDP's between-seasons expansion has finally emerged. 

The final edit of Saturday Night Live's "Darryl's House"

*Please excuse our tardiness on this one—we don't always get to watch SNL before this story's Sunday deadline.*

Zach Galifianakis's second SNL outing was uneven—we expect more out of our Game of Thrones sketches, and there was nothing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau could do to fix that one—but we can't deny the absurd appeal of this two-part bit about a dude shooting a TV show in his living room for the local public access channel. Admittedly we were lukewarm on it at first, but once we saw the end-of-the-night follow-up (complete with a real Jon Hamm cameo!), we were sold. Runner-up: Fred Armisen demoing the new Google Glass specs. 

Nearly all of NBC's comedy verdicts

Out with the middling-to-terrible 1600 Penn, Guys With Kids, Up All Night, The New Normal, and Whitney! In with another round of Parks and Rec and Community! Who knew we'd ever agree with so many NBC programming decisions at once? (Miss u already, Go On.)

Sheldon and Amy have sex... Dungeons & Dragons-style

No, they didn't physically do it, but It was sweet and personal and revealed a lot about how, on the surface, Amy and Sheldon's coupling appears to be a terrible idea. But at the end of the day, they get one another and love one another and blah blah blah vomit etc. Also worth a mention: Wolowitz jazzed up a mundane round of D & D with some bomb celebrity impersonations, including Nicholas Cage as a Tree, Al Pacino as an Ogre, and Christopher Walken as a dragon. 

Mama June and Sugar Bear got married

...and based on the pictures, it was actually kind of cute and not at all the horrific trainwreck of tastelessness you'd expect from the Honey Boo Boo gang. Before we all hiss at the camouflage-and-hunting-orange attire, let's take a minute to be honest: This was not the world's first camo-colored wedding. Nope, it's actually kind of a thing, and somehow this is one of the better examples of it we've seen. Good for them!

The Colbert Report's Great Gatsby-themed edition of Reading Rainbow

Stephen Colbert's entire Gatsby episode was great (sign us up for the cOlbert Book Club!), but the highlight was this segment he shared with Carey Mulligan, in which both parties confessed that they'd never read the book—and then set out to educate themselves by following a certain butterfly in the sky...

Arrow's triple threat

The adventures of Team Arrow were a real hoot in the season's penultimate episode, with an A-plot that allowed all three of the show's big names—Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity—to take on a mission together. It was fun, it was entertaining, and it popped in very comic book-y ways. Plus it showed how much chemistry Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, and Emily Bett Rickards share in these sorts of scenarios... which we all suspected would be the case, but it was nice to be proven right. More of this next season, show!

Psych broadens its comedy horizons

Season 7's winning streak continued with "Office Space," possibly the most uproariously funny installment in the series' history. Stars Dulé Hill and James Roday married slapstick with their signature, subtle quips to hilarious effect—with able assists (and scratch 'n' sniff stickers) from Geico pitchman Mike McGlone and The Office's Dave Koechner.

Juliette Barnes gets sauced on Nashville

The troubled starlet dealt with her problems the same way mankind has for centuries: by getting ripped. As the night went on, she got progressively more wobbly and Hayden Panattiere hammed it up like a champ. (Missed the episode? Relive the fun with Tim's photo recap of Juliette's escapades, complete with GIFs!)

Reese + The Machine = A lot of dead bad guys

In Person of Interest's Season 2 finale, Reese teamed up with The Machine to become the number-one badass in the world. Here he is, from The Machine's point of view, wasting some meanies as The Machine helped out by telling him where they were coming from.


Community's darkest timeline-infused season finale

It's really nice that the show is returning for another season, but we think it's time to let go of some of the long-standing gimmicks and concepts. Move on.

R.I.P., Happy Endings

Admittedly, ABC really had no choice but to cancel the low-rated comedy. There are guys painted like robots dancing on street corners who get more viewers every week than Happy Endings did. But of course the loss still sucks. At least it was fun while it lasted, and hopefully the stellar cast will move on to bigger things now that they've demonstrated their comedic chops (or maybe USA Network will save the show and make everyone happy). And if Elisha Cuthbert winds up in the possible 24 reboot, give that woman a plate of ribs, dammit.

Supernatural brings back a beloved character... just to kill her

R.I.P., Sarah Blake, but to be honest, we all saw it coming.

Voting inconsistencies plagued the first round of live voting on The Voice

All text and online votes were dismissed due to irregularities. The show claimed that ditching the votes didn't affect the outcome of the first round of live eliminations, but still, not a great start for pretty much the only show NBC has going for it right now. 

SNL did "The Californians" AGAIN last night

And once again, it seemingly went on forever. Please oh please will you just kill this sketch once and for all? Because it deserves to be run over—repeatedly—on the 405. (Also: What did you think of the episode overall? Let's just say we were preeeeeetty disappointed even though we'd really been looking forward to Kristen Wiig's return.)

What's on YOUR list of TV loves and hates this week?

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