FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (May 13)

Oh, what a wild week it's been! And so there's no way you can blame us for selecting so many FTWs and WTFs that are season finale- and/or Upfronts-oriented, right? RIGHT? Whoops, sorry, didn't mean to lose control there; we are so exhausted, you guys. So let's get right to it: Check out what made our list of TV woes and "whoa!"s this week and let us know if you've got anything to add in the comments.


Jack's ridiculous, clean-shaven '90s heartthrob look on Revenge

"Ooooooooh, yeahhh...." Cue the smooth jazz.

So many good renewal decisions from the networks!

Holy hell it's been a (mostly) good year for bubble shows. Fringe renewed! Community renewed! Parenthood renewed! Cougar Town saved by TBS and renewed! Although we wish a couple additional shows had been similarly lucky, *cough* Awake and The Secret Circle *cough* we're still grateful for the ones that escaped the axe.

The Vampire Diaries pulls out its most shocking twist yet

[SPOILER ALERT] Elena DIED. And she's turning into a vampire! A gutsy, unexpected turn for a show that specializes in them.

Regina's dream sequence on Once Upon a Time

Yes, it was atrociously, obviously a dream sequence, and dream sequences are usually the worst. But it was just creepy enough to satisfy our dark side, and a great catalyst for the episode. VERY excited for tonight's season finale!

Zach Galifianakis's interview with Tina Fey on the Between Two Ferns TV special

This may be Zach G.'s most radically awkward interview yet. Stick it to him, Tina!

So many great comedies, so little time

It was a great week for comedies! We enjoyed just about all of them this week so we're lumping 'em into one giant FTW: Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, American Dad!, Veep, Girls, 2 Broke Girls, Modern Family, Don't Trust the B-----, Community, The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, and 30 Rock all turned in good episodes. How are we ever going to get through the summer?

SNL's 100th Digital Short

Who cares if it wasn't high-concept, everybody loves a good anniversary reunion! So many great cameos and callbacks. (P.S. Here's a backwards version on YouTube for you non-U.S.-based folks.)


This crazy Lipton Iced Tea commercial

It includes country singers drinking tea before being lifted to a stage at an outdoor festival (gladiator style, because they can't just climb stairs like normal people) and then performing as their bodies morph into pillars of clear tea with little tea leaves floating in them. It's a mind-melter and we can't help wonder if Lipton is hinting that its tea tastes better with a hint of psychotropic drugs.

The predictability aspect of Castle's Season 4 finale

It had to go there, we all knew it did—and at the end of the day it was handled with grace—but when you know from the start what's coming in the last few scenes, doesn't it kind of detract from the excitement in the preceding 40 minutes?

Awake is canceled

Yet Whitney is renewed.

The Secret Circle ends strong, with a terrific Season 2 tease

...That we'll never get to see come to fruition. Devastating. Congratulations, we guess, to fans of Hart of Dixie. #notbitter

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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