FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (May 25)

ARE YOU READY FOR THE WEEKEND?! We're ready to get our Memorial Day barbecues on, that's for sure. And you know what makes for riveting barbecue conversation? TV's FTWs and WTFs, that's what. Impress your fellow bbq enthusiasts by reciting, one-by-one, every incredible and/or despicable moment that you had to endure while tuning in to your TV this week. We've got them all here! How convenient for you!


Revenge's Season Finale

It was like a double-infinity-shaped waterslide sending us around and around through thrilling twists and turns and now we are hovering in the ether, waiting to see what whirlpool we are about to dive into for Season 2. Best finale this year BY FAR.

Emily. The Bachelorette.

We're two episodes in and ALREADY we can tell that this season is going to be like none other we've seen from The Bachelorette. Some say that's a bad thing, but I'm on board: watching Ryan try to muffle his disappointment that he had to bake cookies with Emily instead of cliff-dive out of a helicopter was as hilarious as it was awkward.

Science Channel buys Fringe repeats

A perfect home for the science-fiction drama about almost-science! Remember how Science Channel re-aired Firefly and had that crazy scientist talking about the science in the show? We're hoping that happens here, too. We'd love a detailed explanation of how Cortexiphan regenerates baked goods.

Donald Driver's Dancing With the Stars touchdown dance

The NFL wideout was genuinely elated when he was declared champ of the ABC show! While we deduct points for abandoning his partner for the first part of the celebration, it's understandable as she would have been steamrolled flat as a pancake when Driver stopped, dropped, and rolled.

Adorable Dancing Dads

Both Burt Hummel on Glee and Jay Pritchett on Modern Family took to the stage to make their (grand)kids happy, and the results were equal parts funny and sweet.

The return of SYTYCD

Auditions are one of our favorite parts of this "higher-level" reality show: Most of the dancers who come out are blow-your-mind good, the show maintains a generally pleasant and well-meaning vibe (laughing at the obliviously untalented is kept to a minimum), and Cat Deeley is damn charming. As far as reality competition shows are concerned, this one's tops.

Kristen Wiig’s final episode on Saturday Night Live

From Mick Jagger's opening monologue, the musical extravaganza (Arcade Fire and Foo Fighters acting as Mick Jagger's backing band) to the goodbye waving of Kristen Wiig's, last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live was killer (and emotional). Goodbye, "Lawrence Welk" girl with tiny hands! We'll dearly miss you!

Phillip Phillips' emotional final performance on American Idol

After producers provided Phillips with the best original song in years (and even brought a marching band onstage!) it was no surprise when he took home the title. But what was surprising was just how emotional his victory performance was. Overcome by the moment (and inhaling too much confetti) he finally just choked on his words, took off his guitar and walked offstage as a pre-recorded track took over. It was a rare and compelling glimpse of humanity on a show designed to be well-oiled machine.

The brave nudity of Girls

As TV viewers we aren't particularly used to nudity, let alone nudity by normal-looking people. But one inadvertent trademark of Girls so far has been its casual willingness to feature non-model types unclothed, specifically show creator Lena Dunham. This week's episode featured BOTH of Hannah's parents nude, making those two some of the bravest actors on one of TV's bravest shows.

NBC takes a chance on American Ninja Warror

This cult Japanese import has been generating a small but passionate fan base for three seasons on G4, so NBC including it in its summer schedule feels like a major endorsement by the mainstream. So far the crossover has maintained the addictiveness while subtly including more interesting elements (including female competitors and showing everyone's audition videos). Fingers crossed it's a hit for NBC so we'll get even more of it next year.


Game of Thrones has nothing for Dany to do

We're almost at the finale and so far The Mother of Dragons has done nothing but shop for boats and lose her pets this season. We need more from the Khaleesi!

Sony Pictures TV tells Community cast how to talk about Dan Harmon's firing

The studio behind the cult comedy fired the nutty showrunner then handed out memos to cast members instructing them how to address the situation with the media. Sample: If asked, "Did the studio or network consult with you about these changes?" they're supposed to reply, "No they didn't, but we're looking forward to working with David Guarascio & Moses Port on a new season of Community." People in North Korea are like, "Sheesh, these guys have it rough."

Men At Work falls flat, not that we thought it wouldn't

Bros talking about hos—that pretty much sums up this television gem. It's not even that the premise is inherently bad (it kind of is), it's just that it's not funny. The characters are over-the-top stereotypes of everything a reasonable man shouldn't want to relate to—and that no woman should ever hope to meet. Also, the laugh track overcompensates, making the whole show look as desperate as its characters. Boo.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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