FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (May 26)

Enjoy this list of the best of the television week while you can, because after this batch, summer temperatures are gonna up and the overall quality of television is gonna go way down. All we have to look forward to are a couple more episodes of Game of Thrones and Mad Men and then Dexter, Under the Dome, Ray Donovan, Low Winter Sun, Wilfred, True Blood, Futurama, Copper, The Bridge, Orange is the New Black, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Suits, Hell on Wheels, The Big Bang Theory reruns, Breaking Bad, Talking Bad, Badly Talking, Talk Break, and Badly Broken Talk. That's it! So cherish this final FTW vs. WTF of the 2012-2013 TV season, 'cause the next few months are sure to be a bit sparse.


News cameras capture a bright (puppy-filled!) spot amidst the tornado devastation in Oklahoma

If this doesn't make you tear up, you may be a robot. 

Congratulations, Stefon!

As a few of you have already guessed, this one missed our deadline last week, but that doesn't make it any less swell: SNL said goodbye to Bill Hader with a wholly fitting sendoff for everyone's favorite "Weekend Update" city correspondent, and it was as weird and as great as we ever could've hoped. 

Law & Order: SVU wraps up Season 14 with an excellent cliffhanger

From intrepid field reporter @IndianaMom: Pablo Schrieber's turn as the disgustingly slick William Lewis had us cringing for basically the entire hour (yow, that burning-off-his-fingerprints scene!), and watching him wriggle his way out of a conviction crushed us just as much as it did Olivia and the rest of the team. And that was BEFORE we reached the final moments, which put Benson in Lewis's clutches. A great end to a strong season.

ABC brings back The B---- ... sort of

The unaired episodes of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23—from both Season 1 and Season 2—are now available through ABC's website, Hulu, and iTunes, for your summer viewing pleasure. Good to see you again, Chloe!

Nashville wraps up its lively first season hysterically and hilariously

A tumbling SUV! A premature proposal! A funeral! Multiple fights! A fall back into the arms of demon liquor! And awesome face acting! The ridiculous and awesome ABC soap was equally funny and moving, delivering the exact roller-coaster ride we'd hoped for. And a special FTW Trophy for Hayden Panettiere for bringing it!

Rectify's Kerwin says goodbye to his friend

The most emotional moment in the excellent Season 1 finale of Sundance's artsy drama came in a flashback, when Daniel's fellow Death Row inmate Kerwin made his final walk down the corridor and asked to see the man he'd been speaking to through the vent for so many months face-to-face for the first time. Brutally bittersweet. And another special FTW Trophy for Johnny Ray Gill for a remarkable performance. 

Congratulations, Tyrion and Sansa!

Not one, but TWO sets of nuptials in the FTWs this week! This one may've been the most unhappy (and funny) weddings we've ever seen, but damn if Peter Dinklage didn't knock that performance out of the park. 

Doctor Who's revelatory Season 7 finale

Another one that just missed the deadline for last week's list: Everyone was holding their breath to see how Steven Moffat et al would handle the two big questions teased out in Doctor Who's seventh season, and one for two ain't bad! Sure, we didn't learn the Doctor's name (do we really need to know it?), but the big reveal of why Clara is impossible—that she splintered herself across the Doctor's timeline in order to continually advise and save him—made sense and was incredibly satisfying. Also, John Hurt!!!!

The Workaholics crew performs "Straight Outta Mordor" on Conan

Though Season 3 ended just a few months ago, it feels like it's been forever since Blake, Ders, and Adam were getting weird and rating things in terms of butthole tightness. So it was a nice treat to see the trio performing their wizard-themed banger, "Straight Outta Mordor"—which first appeared in the episode "Muscle I'd Like to Flex"—on Conan,  Bask in the glory of such rhymes as "I be flying on a dragon, you be driving in a rental/while you dance up in the club, I summon Blizzard Elemental." Very tight butthole.

Jimmy Fallon plays the Game of Desks

We could list out all the nifty little details of this excellent Game of Thrones parody, but that would spoil the fun. Watch to the end to see how the battle of Rockefell and the quest for the Iron Desk of Studio 6B plays out. 

Thanks to TV.com user @jamesbond for the F-T-W-T-F .GIF!

Mad Men's weekend bender

FTW to Kenny's tap dance! But otherwise... what the hell, Matthew Weiner? We're still trying to wrap our heads around "The Crash"; yeah, it was sorta fun to watch, but geez what a mess. What'd YOU think?


Fox drills a hole through the bottom of the reality show barrel

Does Someone Have to Go? Yes—everyone who conceived, created, and willingly took part in this excrescence. 

Tyler Perry + Oprah = waaaah?

To promote Tyler Perry's new show on OWN, Madea and Oprah's character Sofia from The Color Purple... had an exchange? If this promo psychs you up, all the best to you. You know what you like and we don't understand it. 

Marc Maron vs. Michael Ian Black in the battle for passive-agressive supremacy

You can read the entirety of the comedians' Twitter tiff here, but you may think less of both of them once you do. While it starts out kinda funny, it gets pretty sad and nasty in the end.

Nashville's behind-the-scenes production drama

The behind-the-scenes conflicts at Nashville have allegedly reached a tipping point. All season, there've been rumblings of "issues." Reportedly, Connie B. wasn't satisfied with her character's arc, and although the show's been renewed for Season 2, important members of the local Nashville crew have been fired. What's more, The Nashville Scene reported this week that ABC, Lionsgate, and the city of Nashville are now battling over the costs of shooting on-location in the country music capital of the world. Somehow, it's apparently possible that the show could relocate to Los Angeles, therefore losing one of its most appealing qualities. No matter what happens, expect some substantive retooling before Season 3, as creator Callie Khouri is in real danger of being fired. 

The Grimm season finale gave us zombies... but not much else

The last two episodes of Grimm's sophomore season featured exposition paired with MORE exposition, plus zombies-that-weren't-really-zombies-anyway. The payoff when Grimm returns in the fall better be worth it.

What's on YOUR list of TV loves and hates this week?

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