FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (May 5)

Holas, muchachos and ladies! Our Espanol es no bueno*, but bienvenidos a una edicion especial de "¡¡Por la Win y Que la Chinga!!" en celebracion de Cinco de Mayo! Hopefully tu es no enfermo from muchos margaritas de guacamole or una taco de perro rabioso de Taco Bell! Este semana was fantastico con magnifico television de Juego de ThronesPersona Mucho InteresanteNuevo Girl! Con no mas hesitacion, vamanos a "¡¡Por la Win y Que la Chinga!!"  

** All Spanish was learned from Sofia Vergara workout videos.


The Good Wife delivered a great finale

After a very rocky first half of the season (Nick? Who's Nick?), The Good Wife managed to rebound quite a bit in its homestretch as labor tensions at Lockhart/Gardner came to a head. The Season 4 finale managed to tie up the season's election storyline, featured some the show's best recurring guest stars, and then in its final moments, turned the whole show on its ear with two little words: "I'm in." So are we. 

Hannibal served up some delicious Silence of the Lambs nods

"Entrée" was probably the most Silence of the Lambs-y episode of the show so far, with Will and Alana interrogating Eddie Izzard's sociopathic Dr. Gideon in order to potentially catch another serial killer. But what really tickled our taste buds was Raúl Esparza's take on Frederick Chilton (played by Anthony Heald in the film): Esparza kept Heald's southern lilt, and his bombastic pride in his "skills" as a shrink and—more importantly—his collection of serial killers bled through in spades. It was recognizable and fresh at the same time, an Hannibal quipping to Chilton that he was delighted to have old friends for dinner was just icing on the cake.

Bob Newhart taught a comedy master class on The Big Bang Theory

Like the good CBS veteran he is, sitcom icon Bob Newhart made an appearance as a Mr. Wizard-type TV host who Sheldon and Leonard grew up watching. He held his responses to the absurd antics of the two geniuses and Penny a beat or two longer than others might have, and it wasn't to wait for the audience laughter to die down so he could deliver the punchline: It was to build anticipation for simple, but very effective laugh-getting lines. We're pretty sure it's time to give Newhart a new show.

Warehouse 13 is back, now with more James Marsters

After six months of sweating it out, Warehouse 13 returned on Monday to start wrapping up its fourth season with James Marsters joining the cast as the drunk and disorderly (and immortal) Dr. Sutton. Polly Walker, of Caprica and Rome, also signed up to play Sutton's crazypants (and also apparently immortal!) ex-wife. Good to have you back, show! 

New Girl's "virgins" talk about sex

Jess and the gang reminisced about their deflowered secret gardens and the influence their first times had on their adult lives. Heavy stuff, but there were ample flashbacks featuring Fat Schmidt, Stoner Nick, Awkward Winston, and Jess stuck in a plastic playground castle to ensure we peed our pants. And then IT HAPPENED, and whether you think it was a good idea or not, the aftermath was hilarious. (GIF via the good folks at Vulture

Supernatural dumped a pile of exposition on us and we didn't feel a thing

Despite being within sight of the season finale, Supernatural took some time this week to sit around and talk it out. Naomi gabbed about the good old days of slaughtering firstborns. Metatron gabbed about meta stuff. Sam gabbed about gassy Equus. Castiel gabbed about free will. We swallowed a lot of intricate information all at once, and yet "The Great Escapist" gets to call itself one of the more exciting episodes of the season so,  uh, gold star. 

We will remember you, Nard-Dawg

After an entire season of being the living worst and an entire episode of will-he-won't-he stop-torturing-us-with-his-presence, Andy finally went out with a heartfelt cover of Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You," which, right next to "Angel," may be one of the most manipulative songs to use in a nostalgic/pitiful situation. Andy was villainous even in absentia, and when he came back from that boat trip, only a glimmer of his former likability showed through his thick veneer of selfishness. But leave it to The Office to give a dastardly character a warm farewell. Goodbye, Nard-Dawg. We're okay with not seeing you for these last two hours of the series.

Happy Happy Endings

The ABC comedy wrapped its third season on Friday with a pair of strong episodes that not only served up an ace of a tennis montage, but concluded with a, well, happy ending. While we still won't be satisfied if the sitcom doesn't return for a fourth season, if this is it, at least it will have gone out on a nice note.

"You know nothing, Jon Sno-OH!"

"Kissed by Fire" was an all-around excellent episode, but Ygritte and her crow getting it on in the hot tub was definitely a highlight.  

Person of Interest has computer problems

This week's whopper was all about The Machine as the viral attack put it on the fritz. The opening credits were glitchy, the interstitial security footage was shaky, and the big shutdown was scary. Is it alive? Is it thinking for itself? Does it have a good warranty? 

The Americans wraps up its debut season on top

Wednesday's season finale not only had everything—high stakes, major plot turns, artful character development, wigs—it cemented the FX drama's place in our mind as 2013's best new show to date.  

Ron Swanson is going to be a dad

Parks and Recreation's Season 5 finale was solid all around, and the show did a fine job with the ol' "who's preggers?" bit. Nice work cracking the case, Agent Macklin! We can't wait to meet the little bundle of mustache.


Ryan Hardy does the stupidest thing, then whoopee a giant fire

We've been keeping track of the stupidest things to happen on The Following this season, and while the readers' choice was Claire stabbing Joe in the stomach one time with a tiny steak knife and backing away like that would be enough (no one dies of gut wounds on this show), in our mind, a close second has to be Hardy telling Weston that he couldn't help hunt down Carroll in the season finale, even though Weston represented a distinct advantage. Ryan's efforts, of course, ended up with him drugged and captured. The whole thing ended with the a giant fire that was pretty silly as far as giant fires go, and a dangling loose end if the ending is to be believed. Now what?


Glee's problematic storylines and attitudes toward it's female characters have been observed and mentioned on so many sites—this one included—and it's just kind of alarming, insulting, and mind-boggling that the writers apparently think it's funny that so many people think they're packaging misogyny as morality. How about you just FIX IT, Glee?

The Bones finale introduced drama for the sake of drama

Can Pelant just go away? While we've been increasingly less tolerant of his super Hollywood hacking skillz, the show's decision to use him to stop Brennan and Booth from getting married by having Pelant threaten to kill five innocent people if Booth didn't call off the wedding—without explaining why to Brennan—was just eye-rollingly stupid. But hey, at least they didn't kill Sweets.

Revolution falls on its face. Again.

The NBC drama had been doing slightly better since its midseason break, but this week the stink of sewage returned in an episode that was flat-out awful. The show introduced another brand-new character that we were instantly supposed to care, Aaron once again fumbled his relationship with his ex, and everyone shot at each other except during the moments when they absolutely should have shot at each other. Bring back the stupid tiny nanobots, please!

Defiance's musical selection

There are lots of things about this show that we're enjoying so far, but the ending montage music makes us want to jump out of an airlock. This week's was the topper, a coffee shop rendition of "Oooh Child" that wouldn't even get play from the Star Wars Cantina Band.

Fox made a big deal about starting New Girl early, but it ran long anyway

We're not quite sure what the 8:58pm start time was supposed to accomplish; all we know is that our DVRs cut it off anyway, and many folks missed one of the best parts of the episode: Nick and Jess's post-coital googly eyes (see the GIF in the FTW section above) and Jess's very self-aware "ruh-roh."

What's on YOUR list of TV loves and hates this week?

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