FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (May 5)

Holy WTF it's May already? When did that happen? We're starting to worry that our little FTW/WTF feature won't be able to handle all the FTW-ness that's about to slap it in the face when finales come calling. So to get it in fighting shape, we're giving it a real test with this week's first FTW item, a Perfect Strangers-themed video game that you need to try out. With the lights off. And your headphones cranked to 11. Just do it.


This amazing Perfect Strangers flash game

The internet distraction based on the '80s sitcom crashed within hours of its release due to the sheer force of its Balki-ism. It's guaranteed to help you realize your dreams, provide simple and entertaining gameplay, and get the Perfect Strangers theme song stuck in your head for a week. Play at your own risk: Tomorrow might come sooner than you think once you're lost in this masterpiece of weird.

Selina Meyer's tummy troubles

The final scene of last Sunday's Veep was Julia Louis-Dreyfus at her best as VP Selina tried to clench in her dignity as a stomach bug pushed her inside agenda out during a photo-op at a frozen yogurt shop. That limo ride home was probably the most disgusting thing ever.

Sharon Needles victory on RuPaul's Drag Race

After being crowned the winner, Sharon walked the runway in her trademark gothic drag and told her fans, "Happy Halloween, everyone!" Then she got a little sentimental: "This crown is for anyone who ever got picked on as a kid." Congrats. Ms. Needles!

It's ON, Daniel Grayson!

Daniel's decision to side with his pops in this week's episode of Revenge was hardly surprising, but it was the straw that broke the camel's back as far as Emily was concerned. Daniel's actions are further proof that Emily Thorne is about to BRING IT.

These Game of Thrones brew labels

Our love for HBO's fantasy epic is almost matched by our love for beer, and these "What if?" beer labels by U.K. artist Rob Stephens are based on real brands yet feature the houses of Westeros, combining our two loves in a way that has us drunk on awesomeness. Of course the Night's Watch drinks MGD!

Parks and Rec's crime-scene reenactment

It was truly hilarious to see Jerry submit to FBI agent Burt Macklin's slo-mo recreation of the pie-throwing incident.

The Big Bang Theory's take on "playing doctor"

We've got to hand it to Amy Farrah Fowler for her Star Trek-style game of doctor... that's real dedication, to both geekery and Sheldon!


Ashton Kutcher's obliviousness to ridiculous racism

The KOOTCH served as pitchman for Popchips recent campaign, which featured the Two And a Half Men star in brownface, mocking Indians with the blurb, "These are the Bombay." The ads have been pulled, but the offensive stench still lingers.

Vicki's tantrum over her daughter eloping on Real Housewives: Orange County

Get over it, lady! Your daughter saw you for what you are: an attention-grubbing looney-toon who needs to make everything about herself. Maybe she wanted something in her life to be about her for once.

Zooey Deschanel's iPhone commercial

"OF COURSE Zooey wakes up in $400 pajamas with her false lashes already in," is what we always think when we see that commercial. We bet her real-life assistant could tell us a lot about going out to get tomato soup in the rain while her boss plays a vintage ukelele at home.

Emmy Rossum's cotton commercial

Speaking of commercials, we just saw Emmy Rossum in a cotton commercial, and we feel so bad for her. From The Phantom of the Opera to natural fibers? Maybe everyone should send her a Ziplock bag full of spare change.

Diane Keaton on The Colbert Report was STRANGE

Keaton visited the show to talk about her new book, Then Again—except she didn’t. Instead, she called Colbert a “sexual pervert,” giggled, and said she's going to “bring him up on charges.” Was she genuinely trying to be funny? Possibly drunk? Watch the interview above and let us know because we're still scratching our heads on this one.

Is Nick really gonna move out on New Girl?

We're admittedly a little torn over this prospect. Sure, maybe Nick and Jess are the new Ross and Rachel, but our gut instinct is to complain—like, can't we wait until late in Season 2 or even until the start of Season 3 before switching up the original "roommate antics" premise? Or is it WTF that we're whining over a storyline that could keep the show from feeling stale? And is Nick really gonna leave anyway? Or is Caroline's return only a temporary cliffhanger-in-the-making? Please advise in the comments!

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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