FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (November 11)

Hey remember last week when we caused controversy over our "violence toward women" entry in the WTF section? If you're interested in how it came to pass, check out our most recent podcast for a little extra insight from Price and Tim.

Also: If we were to set up a way to get your FTW and WTF suggestions before this story is posted every week, with the idea being that we could include some of them, would you be interested in participating? And if so, how? Through a forum on the site? Twitter? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments!


The sheer audacity of American Horror Story: Asylum's Anne Frank plotline

While it's still up in the air as to whether this new character named Anne Frank (Franka Potente) is who she claims to be, there's nothing uncertain about how truly tasteless/hilarious this entire concept is. Ryan Murphy, may your crazytrain continue to roll full steam ahead.

Goodbye, election ads


Fox News' election coverage


At the risk of politicizing this otherwise (mostly) apolitical story, anyone who tuned into Fox News' coverage of election night was likely riveted by some of the weirdest, tensest, and most hilarious pieces of theater to air on television all year. Between pundit Karl Rove's frustrated blustering to anchor Megyn Kelly's impromptu march into a back office, Fox News was definitely destination #1 for those looking to enjoy some good, old-fashioned election schadenfreude.

The fall of a The Walking Dead warrior whose legacy will live on forever [SPOILER]

We pay our respects to the one and only T-Dog, the man who was never supposed to last this long but did through the strength of the human spirit and not doing anything too stupid except for maybe that one time he cut his arm open on a car door while a zombie horde was walking by. We'll miss you, T-Dog, and to show you how much, here's a sampling of all your greatest dialogue: "..."

Oh, and we'll miss you too, Lori, I guess.

Beauty and the Beast was SLIGHTLY more watchable this week

Elementary had a really strong episode this week

They're bringing in Irene Adler as a story point even before Moriarty! Jolly good show.

This traffic reporter's helpful post-election directions to Canada

Jeff Brucculeri, a traffic reporter in Oklahoma, decided to help out those legions of upset voters who, in the wake of their candidate’s loss, have threatened to move to Canada. During his usual traffic report, he helpfully provided them with easy-to-follow directions from Tulsa to the Canadian border. The best part is that you can hear his co-workers cracking up in the background.

South Park pulls an all-nighter for quick turnaround on an election episode

Less than 24 hours after it happened in real life, that lady with the flag in her hair appeared on the Comedy Central cartoon to watch Obama give an acceptance speech. The rest of the episode was a mix of brilliance and total mess, but we were stunned by how quickly the South Park machine turned things out. Bravo, Trey and Matt!

Mike the Cleaner on Parks and Recreation

Jonathan Banks put his comic timing to good use as Ben's terrifying father; how great was that showdown with Ron Swanson over the last piece of shrimp? More Jonathan Banks in everything from now on, please!


The Voice sucked up three nights of programming on NBC

You know it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, right NBC? And The Voice isn’t even that great of a thing.

Modern Family's Ariel Winter probably wishes Claire Dunphy was her real mom right now

The 14-year-old actress has been "removed from her home" over allegations that her mother's been physically and mentally abusing her.

Saturday Night Live's sign-language mockery

This week's controversial FTWTF entry involves the opening sketch of last week's Louis C.K.-hosted episode of SNL. Louis as Lincoln was great, but I—Tim—think Marlee Matlin was rightfully upset with the show's portrayal of sign language as nothing but freakish hand gestures and pantomimes. Lydia Callis, the signer who became a celeb during Hurricane Sandy for her enthusiastic translation of Mayor Bloomberg's press conferences, was a rock star and deserved attention for her work. But in parodying her, Saturday Night Live treated sign language, WHICH IS A REAL LANGUAGE, like a joke. Is the show going to trot out fake Asians screaming "ching chong ching chong" next? That was just plain rude, SNL!

Last Resort deludes itself and time-jumps all the way to trying too hard

This week, a dose of a military drug called BZ caused everyone on the island to suffer hallucinations and confusion, and the plot unfolded through broken time jumps and featured a lot of crew members acting crazy. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work for the purposes of storytelling or keeping things straight for the audience. The hallucinations were also a bit obvious, giving us no real insight to the characters even though the door to their psyches was wide open.

Breaking Bad gets a limp porn parody

Breaking Bad is great. Porn is great. So shouldn't a combination of the two be AMAZING? Not only did the XXX parody not even change the show's name (why not Banging Bad, or the gay-porn option Breaking Brad?), but I think Jesse is a girl in it and Walt is a filmmaker who starts shooting porn instead of going the obvious route of being a chemistry teacher who starts doing porn to pay for his cancer treatment! We may not even buy the Blu-ray copy of this now. Oh wait it has Lexi Belle? Okay, fine.

What's on *your* list of TV loves and hates this week?

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