FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (October 28)

Geez, has another week gone by already? Well, let's talk about some of the awesome and not-so-awesome TV that aired during it, then!


Rebekah channels her inner mean girl on The Vampire Diaries

We've long enjoyed Claire Holt's performance as Rebekah, the world's oldest teenage girl, but this week saw her in straight-up mean girl mode, terrorizing Elena every chance she got. And in case you're wondering, THIS is the meanest thing one vampire can do to another:

Maggie's farewell speech on The Walking Dead

In "Sick," week Maggie bid adieu to her father Hershel... before he ended up recovering. But for those few painful, tear-soaked minutes, actress Lauren Cohan took Maggie from a supporting character to a lead with seemingly minimal effort and maximum impact. As fun as The Walking Dead's high-intensity zombie sequences can be, at least some of us still enjoy its slower and quieter moments. This tear jerker of a scene was no exception.

American Horror Story: Asylum gelled into a focused hour of must-watch TV

We had some misgivings about the premiere episode of American Horror Story's second season—too many characters, too much editing, too few reasons to become invested—but in week two those doubts fell by the wayside with an episode that was tight, clever, and compelling. Credit where credit's due: Despite its sprawling ambition and seemingly haphazard story elements, American Horror Story knew what it was doing all along. ALSO:

A very Sunny Halloween

How does the Paddy's Pub crew incorporate zombies into It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? With a McPoyle wedding and milk spiked with bath salts. The decaying meatbags from The Walking Dead have nothing on these tripping inbred yokels.

Last Resort puts it all together

Episode 5 was Homicide's Frank Pembleton versus The Shield's Dutch as Andre Braugher and guest-star Jay Karnes went at each other during some tense negotiations in an outstanding hour of television. If the struggling ABC thriller can maintain this level of quality, we're looking at the next great show to get canceled well before its time.

The Battle Rounds have come to an end on The Voice

THEY'RE OVER. THEY'RE FINALLY OVER. Battle Rounds wrapped up on Tuesday, which means we finally get to the live stuff... wait, what do you mean we still have to do the Knockout Rounds? What the hell are those? Two members of the same team face off for their mentor's favor? But that sounds like the Battle Rounds! And they aren't live either?

Well, at least we're moving forward in theory, and that's a good thing.

We're reunited with Happy Endings and it feels so a-mah-zing

We missed those friendos.

Timothy Olyphant as Wesley-san on The League

His white sushi chef character from O-ma-ha, Nebraska was awesome, bro. Hai!

Law & Order: SVU hits a milestone

Three hundred episodes! Here's to another three hundred more.

New Girl's Soviet cracker commercial

And also pretty much everything involving Cece's roommate Nadia.


Tyler's "dental work" on The Vampire Diaries

We understand that television is not real, but that doesn't mean we need to see things like this:

New Girl's mid-episode Ford Fusion commercial

And the award for Most Obnoxious Product Placement goes to...

Well, turns out there wasn't much we didn't like this week. What's on *your* list of TV loves and hates?

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