FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (September 22)

Another week has passed us by, but instead of crying about it, let's laugh with the things we loved, and at the things we hated—together!


Kevin's turtle story in The Office's Season 9 premiere

Love this guy.

Parker Posey's Emmy acceptance speech master class

Here's hoping ALL of this year's Emmy nominees are familiar with J.A.N.'s wisdom.

Louie's big win

The final chapter of Louie's three-part "Late Night" saga featured the feel-good moment of the summer TV season and an indelible image: That of Louie claiming victory in front of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Jon Stewart braves Bullshit Mountain and plants his flag up Fox News' ass

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Chaos on Bulls**t Mountain
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The "fair and balanced" news network rushed to defend Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and Stewart and The Daily Show were there to point out just how wrong they were. Check out clip one (of three) above.

Cooking meth together brings you close—real close—to your partner

All those lonely nights in the RV...

So You Think You Can Dance's wild, wonderful, season finale

Our hearts hurt to bid farewell to one of our favorite summer series, but at least it went out with a bang. From its best-of-the-season retreads to its pretty stellar new group numbers, the finale was about more than just anointing some of the best winners this show's ever seen: It was a celebratory victory lap for yet another great season of a fantastic show.

MTV's The Challenge has returned, and so far it's EXCELLENT

Well, okay, maybe not "excellent" per se, but the debut of Battle of the Seasons certainly demonstrated that this old monster of a franchise still has what it takes to thrill and titillate us like no other. After introducing tons of former Real World cast members (many of whom hate still each other), this week's premiere was 90 minutes' worth of bickering, flirting, scheming, and unpleasant-looking challenges, but it still felt SHORT. Guilty or not, this show is definitely a pleasure and we are stoked it's back.

Kevin Smith as a guest judge on Face Off

We may not love all of Smith's films across the board, but he brought an extra bit of energy and fun to this week's judging panel. From mocking the other judges to taking up cause for the underdog contestants, Smith was exactly the kind of wildcard that Face Off has been so good at introducing in order to keep things fresh and entertaining. We definitely wouldn't mind if he became a regular judge on this show; anything to prevent him from making Clerks III.

Seth MacFarlane hosted SNL, proved that he's more likable than we previously thought

From his laugh-out-loud hilarious impersonation of Ryan Lochte—which, for the record, earns six swims from us—to his admirable restraint in using wacky voices, we ended up liking Seth MacFarlane's live-action skills possibly even more than his animated ones. Also, we are STILL laughing at the sketch above.


TLC isn't even TRYING to pretend Breaking Amish is real

The network flat-out said that a lot of the reality show about Amish youth abandoning their puritan lives for the comforts of modern technology is fabricated. This is a -1 on a 1 to 10 scale of surprising, but where's the fight from TLC?

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo dedicated an entire minute to awkward silence

A minute and 13 seconds, actually, after seven year old Alana projectile-sneezed some nose debris across her lap during an interview. Granted, this is the same show that celebrates farting at Miss Georgia 2011's lunch table, but unlike the farting incident(s), the kid was clearly upset by her mess this time and not a single tissue was offered. Really?

Carson Daly on why he doesn't watch The X Factor

Basically calling it an American Idol rip-off (a fair assessment), Daly went on to explain that he WANTED to watch, just to see how his pal Britney was doing, "I was very curious to see how my old friend Britney Spears was... what she was going to be like and when she speaks in full sentences, was it going to seem sort of medicated or was she going to spring a new personality that I haven’t seen?”

Carson Daly sounds like a pretty douchey "friend."

Survivor: Philippines got ICKY in its season premiere

In what was otherwise a strong, entertaining start to Survivor's 25th season (!), for some reason the editors saw fit to include long, lingering looks at returning cast member Mike Skupin's various (minor) wounds. The flashback to his original Survivor: Outback burn injury was bad enough, but the 10-seconds-plus close-up of his cut foot was not something we needed in our lives. And don't even get us started on all the new snake footage.

Syfy's Hot Set wasn't as fun as we'd hoped

As fans of Syfy's other movie magic show Face Off, we had high hopes that its set-design oriented Hot Set would bring the same kind of magical ingenuity as its predecessor. Unfortunately the format and scope of the series failed to showcase much creative genius, and instead merely demonstrated how terrible movie sets from Syfy Originals come into existence. So far we're just not impressed.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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