FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (September 29)

September is almost over (WTF!) and October is soon to follow (FTW!)—see what we did there? There are two sides to every equation, and if we twist that expression enough we can conclude that there are two sides to every week of television, too: The good and the... less good. As always, we're here to talk about both. Join us!


Louie's attempts at babydoll reconstruction

The opening scene of Louie's Season 3 finale actually had us gasping for breath we were laughing so hard. For a comedy that usually makes us think instead of splitting our sides, it was a welcome, hilarious surprise. (Not that the episode didn't also make us think... dang that episode was GOOD.)

The Office's Chore Wheel sequence

Stanley gets your lunch!

Parks and Rec's soda silliness

NBC comedies doin' (some) things right this week! Only in Pawnee is a "child-size" soda 512 ounces, or "roughly the size of a two-year-old child, if the child were liquefied."

Parker Posey on New Girl

Though we could count on one hand how many lines she had, Parker Posey's literally brain-damaged shot girl character provided a hilarious cautionary tale for Zooey Deschanel's newly unemployed Jess. Is Posey on a TV winning streak lately or what?

Ben and Kate's Lucy Punch, America's newest sweetheart

We don't know where this deadpan British bombshell came from (aside from Britain, obvs), but she's the best thing about Fox's already pretty-darn-good new sitcom. BJ's definitely the Schmidt of Ben and Kate.

MTV's The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons' olive oil wrestling event

No particular reason, why do you ask?

Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan on The Colbert Report

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The best of several awesome moments in this interview with Gilligan occurs at the 2:15 mark, when Colbert challenges him to a meth-off.

Fringe is back, but more importantly, John Noble is back

The final season of Fox's sci-fi drama brought with it another Emmy-worthy performance by the overlooked actor, as we're witnessing a simultaneously more complex and simple Walter Bishop. And that moment at the end of the season premiere, with Walter sitting in a abandoned taxi cab listening to Yazoo's "Only You," was a thing of beauty.

Person of Interest recapped Season 1 through the mind of the Machine

How bored are we of "Last Season on [show title]" clips when a new season starts? CBS's Person of Interest (which is seriously great) let one of its characters, the omniscient Machine, quickly recap the complexities through its cloud-mind with screens from Season 1 coming alive and whooshing around the screen. It brilliantly captured the essence of the show—you are being watched, all the time—and used it to spice up one of the most mundane chores of television.

Terisa Griffin grilled the judges on The Voice

When given a choice between Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera to be her mentor during the live competition rounds, Griffin didn't take the decision lightly and blatantly asked Blake and Christina what they would do to help her as a mentor. We're so used to watching contestants squeal in starstruck joy that it was absolutely delightful to see one of them think rationally and, as a bonus, make the judges squirm.


Survivor's Jeff Probst crosses the line at Tribal Council

We get that it's Jeff Probst's job to rustle up some drama during each episode's Tribal Council, but this week he went too far when he clapped and shouted at a 20-year-old girl whose answers he deemed too frivolous. There's a fine line between being probing and behaving like a misogynist dick, and Probst definitely stepped over it.

Once again Modern Family steamrolls the Emmys

We know, we know, who cares about the Emmys? But still, we like to think we live in a world of justice and righteousness, and a Modern Family sweep is neither just nor right. It's a decent show to watch with your family but that does NOT mean it's the best.

CBS's Partners


Grey's Anatomy, crazy as it ever was

The Season 9 premiere offered—and here come the spoilers—a fitting, tear-jerky send-off for McSteamy. But also the revelation that Arizona survived and is now an amputee, and Yang is now in Minnesota hanging out with Mr. Feeny? Plus we still don't know how things went down after the plane crash. Apparently we'll get the full story next week, but whatever, Grey's, keep doing your thing.

Sons of Anarchy shockers

A beloved character was killed off and Sons actor Johnny Lewis was found dead and is suspected of murdering an 81-year-old woman while high on drugs. A cloud looms over both the fictional world and real world surrounding the FX show. The real-life tragedy overshadows what's been a great start to the series' fifth season, both creatively and business-wise: It was the number-two program on all of television in its Tuesday-night slot.

Mad Men walks into the Emmys with 17 nominations...

AND WON NOTHING. That's gotta hurt.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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