Futurama Finds Its Voice(s)

"OMG"s and "WTF"s could not express the outrage Futurama fans felt last month when it was revealed that 20th Century Fox Television was looking at replacement voice actors for the animated show's revival on Comedy Central. Money, of course, was at the heart of the issue, with Fox considerably slashing the comedy's budget, starting with the voice talent.

Many suspected the public casting call by Fox to be not-so-subtle hardball negotiating tactics, and they were probably right. Fox and the voice actors finally lifted the stalemate and agreed to terms early this weekend, says Variety, successfully avoiding the pillaging of Fox headquarters by bloodthirsty Futurama supporters.

The agreement seals deals for John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, Katey Sagal, and Billy West, but exact terms of the deals aren't known.

Reports last month claimed that the voice actors were seeking $75,000 per episode, but those figures were inaccurate, according to Deadline Hollywood. In fact, the asking price was allegedly almost half that, with the final settled price being even less. In short, accusations are going back and forth over who is trying to paint who in a bad light.

The important thing? Futurama is coming back, with the original voice cast, sometime in 2010.

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