Futurama Returns!

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... The return date for Futurama has been revealed: June 24! The revival will begin with 12 episodes "with more to follow." And!!! Futurama Facebook page says the ENTIRE original cast is returning. This is very good news. [EW]

... Conan O'Brien has made his live tour official and revealed details. The displaced late-night host will go on a 32-city tour starting in the Pacific Northwest on April 12. Tickets are on sale now, and seem to range from $40 to $80. Personally, I liked it better when he was free. [TeamCoCo]

... You win, Facebook, you win. The campaign to get Betty White to host an episode of Saturday Night Live has succeeded. The 88-year-old actress will host the May 8 show, a Mother's Day episode featuring the reunion of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, and Rachel Dratch. [USA Today]

... Mark Burnett continues to expand his reality empire with a new show called Trust Me, I'm A Game Show Host. The format will see two hosts talking about subjects with a studio audience; the twist is that one is telling the truth and the other is full of bull, and it's up to audience members to figure out who is lying. Sounds about as interesting as... well, actually it doesn't sound interesting at all. [THR]

... Elisha Cuthbert has joined the cast of the ABC pilot Happy Endings, where she'll play a woman who breaks up with her fiancee at the altar. This should give her enough money to continue her hobby of dating hockey players. [THR]

... For its 200th episode, South Park is bringing back everyone who hates the show. Awesome. Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have said that enemies of the show, such as Tom Cruise and R. Kelly, will all march into the Colorado town to file a class-action lawsuit. Genius. [NY Times]

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